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Social networks have become spaces on the internet that add us many benefits and opportunities. They have definitely changed our life in general for the better and art (as in everything) is knowing how to use them for the better.

In any case, I am not a maximalist of social networks or the total digitization of life and I am a defender of the balance between digital opportunities and normal and natural life.

In my last publications I have done a work of order to organize my ideas and projects and in this case it will be the same, making a brief review of my social networks to have an order of how I use each one. I am not a well-known figure or something like that, but in each network I try to add value and each network has its purposes. I am generally a minimalist, but I have several social networks with various purposes.

Here is a list of my networks:

Traditional social networks.


In general, it is my favorite social network, although I do not like certain arbitrariness, it is the most effective social network to be with your friends and it is in my opinion the social network par excellence.



Although I don't use it much because I prefer writing-based environments rather than images, I think it is a valuable social network and I will try to follow travel accounts since at some point I would like to create content on that topic.



I like to follow some specific personalities and it strikes me that now it allows to receive compensation, now I am recovering my account and I will follow closely.

Crypto social networks:

They are interesting to earn a little in crypto assets and to learn about different topics.



Read Cash:



@ Diego44!

Social networks to find out information:

Although information can be acquired on all networks, I have an account on Reddit and on Quora.

Social networks to meet people:

Although it seems funny I have an account in Hi5, I also think I have some more accounts that I do not use much.

Social networks for professional contacts:


I have not made the most of it, but I will see what turn I give it to get something done with this network.


And well for now so far my report, I want to continue testing networks to earn money and crypto assets and also add some decentralized social networks and as I wrote at the beginning make sure you use technology and not that it uses you, let's be conscious humans in the era of technology.

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