Don't get caught up in the system.

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Many human activities have been born as anti-system movements and have managed to change the world in which we live.

However, our economic system then uses disruptive movements such as new forms of domination and mass manipulation, thus achieving the famous brown cat effect: changing everything so that nothing changes.

And of this we have many examples in the history of mankind, from Christianity itself that began as a movement to expose intense Jewish ritualism and then became a dominant religion worldwide to soccer, which was a popular and neighborhood game. and now it is a way to lull populations. This without neglecting musical genres such as rap and reggaeton that began by denouncing conflictive social situations and later became products of mass consumption.

And make no mistake, I am not criticizing capitalism or the industrialization of certain sectors, but I am criticizing the spiritual and social numbing agendas that the elites impose on their peoples.

Something similar happens with crypto assets, they began as (and are) a disruption that can help change the world economy, but because of the speculation that volatility generates and to bring investments closer to people who did not have access to investment markets with good prospects.

The mission of crypto assets is not to become currencies for daily use and compromise our privacy due to the digital footprint, but to capitalize on a generation of people who, thanks to that money, will be able to generate other changes.

When you change you no longer want to participate in corrupted systems, but we have to do it for the sake of evolution. So some interaction between the traditional economy and the disruptive economy will be necessary, but we have to do our part so that crypto assets by becoming the new status quo do not become a bad thing for people and that the cure comes out worse than the illness.


Crypto assets are here to revolutionize the world thanks to speculation and investment and so that by generating a synthesis with the current system we can generate healthier and more inclusive economies.

The answer will always be with us.

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