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Real Ghost Story

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1 year ago

Some I heard from my mother and father and some I saw with my own eyes .......

But my good fortune is that I saw the earthen pot. It completely disappeared under the ground in 2006/07.

The pot was installed or kept in 1992. It took a long 18 years for it to sink completely into the ground ওই the mysterious clay pot that gave birth to many events in these 16 years. Which is just trying to highlight something in front of you ..........

# My family became terrified after the woman became mentally unbalanced while searching for the chicken and a brick flew over her father's feet ....

Anyway, on that trip, everyone in the house decided not to bother with the pot anymore. Or not to worry. It will stay the way it is.

It will stay in the same place as it is.

The big uncle scolded his father a lot about this incident.

Big uncle was blind to say mother again. I mean, his grandmother's words are all to him. He was in such great danger because he disregarded his grandmother's words.

And that Ojha Fakir has said that it will not harm us if we do not kill him.

It says everyone will wake up like that day ...

At that time Mejho's uncle told his great uncle that Ojha Fakir did not know about Matkita anymore.

What's in it? It would not have been good to bring another fakir. Big uncle did not make this proposal directly ..... His point is whether it is harming us.

Let me tell you, my uncle and aunt were a little different, they were less afraid.

So a few days later, after the big uncle went to the office, Mejho uncle brought home a fakir's father.

Even though the woman was mentally unbalanced, there was not much movement in the area.

Because he didn't think of himself.

He just remembered that he went to look for chickens behind our house and then I don't remember anything.

But after that accident of Abu, everyone in the whole mahalla or neighborhood came to know about Matki.

Whispers about our family started in the whole neighborhood.

Aunts from some very enthusiastic areas are coming to our house when they are waiting. Many people ask their fathers and uncles on the street and want to know what is the real incident ???

# Come to the main event .... 6

Uncle Mejho brought the father of a fakir home the next day.

Fakir's father came and said that there is a big fault in the house. I mean there is something inauspicious in the house. Then he sat in the front room of the house and recited some mantras ....

Then he said he would see the pot. He was taken back.

All the women in my family, my mother, my aunts and uncles, are watching from behind the window of my grandmother's room.

The next thing I heard from my mother ...

That fakir picked up the pot ....

He was holding the plate in his hand. Mejho uncle and another man are coming with Fakir.

Fakir is not able to lift the plate and lower it below the waist. Once there is a wooden idol. He cannot move a single hair. It means he is straight.

He does not have the power to give Uki.

Mejho's uncle and the man with the fakir were a little behind the fakir.

So Fakir's father pushed him from behind as he became so stiff.

Then Fakir's father became normal.

He left the lid of his hand there and walked straight.

And he said, "Let's go from this place."

He comes out of the back of the house. Uncle Mejo tries to put him in the house, he will not sit.

He just stands outside and says. Many big dangers are on the whole house. This family is on top.

Uncle was asking what he was looking at ...

Fakir is just saying this, what does it mean to lift the lid and see ??

Fakir said what should I see ???

There was a cold air in his mouth to lift the lid that he had no other sense. He could not move a hair. If no one would push from behind.

And when Fakir's father left, he told his uncle to leave the house if he could

It is good to say one thing here, the day before the incident but Mejho uncle did not dream.

Mejho's uncle and grandmother had a dream on the night of Fakir's departure.

Grandma is very angry.

He cursed his uncle Mejho.

The curse that uncle had to carry all his life till the day before he died.

Uncle Mejho died in 2016.

Grandma told him in a dream that you will be extinct.

Exactly why the child did not see Kachcha's face in the 30 years of married life of uncle and aunt

And when uncle sees that dream, it means that when that incident happens, maybe 3/4 years of uncle's married life is going on.

Anyway, thinking about the loss or removal of the pot was an irreparable loss to my father and uncle Mejho. That was what my father got immediately.

Another small thing ....

The dish or the lid fell to the ground from the hand of the fakir, but no one noticed the uncle or the fakir's chala.

The women of the house saw it. I mean my mother and aunts.

So seeing the condition of Fakir, all the women of the house got scared quite well.

From the back of Fakir's house, Ammura actually came to the front.

Because he won't tell his uncle. So he told his mother to come and lift the lid from the ground.

Ammu goes back with her big aunt and Mejho aunt and the house boy.

They were surprised to go.

Someone put the lid on the mat before they arrived.

But no one came behind Fakir's house without them.

Who picked it up then?

My only uncle did not know so much about the house where Fakir was brought.

When that incident happened, my aunt was married for 5/6 years. She used to stay at her father-in-law's house.

When he came to our house, he saw the condition of my father's feet and heard everything. He became angry .....

He ran to Matki. And everyone was scared of his big uncle. Then uncle was in the office.

I have already said that my uncle is very brave .....

So my great aunt tried to convince my uncle.

My mother kept it for some time. But my uncle was very strong. I mean, my uncle was physically healthier than my mother. So my mother could not keep it for a long time.

And then there was no man in the house as it was mid-afternoon. Only women and we were children.

What did my uncle do? He ran away from his mother's hand and ran back to the back of the house alone with a broom. Shalar broom means back .......

Mom is running to stop her uncle.

My uncle then started swearing fluently.

Today, I will beat the ghost's petni from behind and find out everything.

As soon as he went, he hit the bar twice.

Then he used abusive language and lifted the lid of the pot ............. 7

Then I will tell in the next episode what happened to my uncle and what happened to a cut mystery.

Everyone will be fine and healthy

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Written by   120
1 year ago
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Wow just amazing. Ki bolbo vaiya kicui bolar nai. Apne eto sundor sundor article kothai pan vaiya. Apnar story gulo pore praner pani sukaye jai thik e kintu onkk valo lage erokom golpo porte. Ki bolbo kicu bolar moto khuje pacci na. Onkk onkk thank you vaiya apnake eto sundor kore vuter golpo gulo tule dhorar jonno amader maje

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I am grateful for this wonderful story

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Nice post

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nice post

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Fantastic post

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Nice post

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1 year ago

The story was so beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us. I want more stories like this

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1 year ago

love you bhai plz amar tau linke commentkora daw

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OMG brother... It's good article in this time... thanks

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