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Children grow up very fast. Do they need discipline? (EN)

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4 weeks ago

All children, no matter how young they are, need their attitudes and actions to guide them.

Your child has perhaps reached that age when he is too old to do everything he can think of and too young to follow complex reasoning. Let's say he is 15 months old, or a similar age, when he is still not over one meter tall. Everything touches and throws it away. He climbs everywhere. And it takes longer for you to pick up the object and lower it from that dangerous chair, when he has already thrown it again and got back on it. Do not despair

There are ways to get that devil into a more civilized behavior. And those ways are not, by the way, lecture him that he does not understand, much less punish him, since he is as innocent as that helpless kitten that you rescued from the street yesterday: all instinct.

The first thing to do to get to control these undesirable forms of behavior (which in some cases may include kicking, spitting, etc.), is to try to understand the child's motivations.

Behind these "erratic actions for us there are: curiosity, the desire to try everything (to see how things jump, move, etc.), the desire to attract attention, frustration (not being able to reach things or move with the required precision, since they do not control their arms and legs well) and also some physical discomfort, such as hunger, sleep, heat.

As soon as you determine the cause of the problem, help the child to overcome it. Many times it is enough to remove the obstacle, so that the child behaves in a more rational way. Don't fight for fun. Don't be foolish too, trying to turn a simple child into a refined adult. Leave him room to explore, but if there are things or places that are entirely forbidden, maintain a firm, consistent attitude. Give your commands simple, as if you were sending telegrams, instead of giving him long explanations. Say: "Don't touch", "Not good", "Hot", and the like. And if the ban leads to a tantrum, just ignore it - it will pass.

Play is the most important activity in the child's physical and mental development, play with them whenever he can, according to his age.

Always try to understand the motivations behind the child's undesirable behavior, so that you can modify it later.

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Written by   28
4 weeks ago
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Every child is a gift. Child is our greatest treasure on earth. But having child is a big responsibility. We should discipline according to the rightful way. Parents should be the role model in molding children's behavior because parent is their first teacher . We should nurture them accordingly to be a good citizen

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3 weeks ago

Every parent should read this.

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4 weeks ago