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Married to tamarind_part-01

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5 months ago

From an early age, he used to play sports with his classmates and friends

I thought it was funny ,,,

An incident that happened in the third grade at the primary school ,,,

Every day after school holidays, I would come home and eat and go out to play with my friends.

All the friends together at that time our popular game was the game of crocodile crocodile ,,, the game must have been without a pond ,,,

Since crocodiles live in water or rivers or ponds,

So we used to play crocodile crocodile in a dry pond in a team of four or five, so I was the team leader.

But if you have to lose, you have to do whatever the other team leader tells you to do, maybe you have to make a rooster or you have to give three or five reversals, it will depend on their words.

But what happened that day I was surprised ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Will ,,,,

What a strange girl Ray Baba to have so much and whether he says ,,, ঐ

The tamarind tree has to be married. Hey, this girl says I'm not married yet, and the first marriage is also a tree ,,,,

I can't do this hobby, even if this girl told you to get married, it wouldn't have happened, it's about getting married in a tamarind tree ...

If you don't marry the girl in the tamarind tree, then I will take her to play with us. No, everyone is saying the same thing.

Whatever happens, I will marry the tamarind tree ,,, Well, I agreed, I told the tamarind tree, I married him ,,,

The girl will not be like this ,,,,

I, what to do then. I don't know anything

The girl said that if you get married, you have to confess three times.

Why don't you tell me, everyone is pressuring me now, to say,

Finally, I accepted the tamarind tree and got married.

Now the game is over, everyone is saying, when the wedding is over, it's already night, now get ready for the night and live with the tamarind tree ,,,,,

Remember, you fooled me, Ray, it was night, now I went to sleep, once I was falling asleep, suddenly someone in the middle of sleep was saying, accept, in the voice of a girl,

I was shocked, who said Kabul, there is no one around, then who is Kabul ????

Remember, I was not mistaken ,,, but I could hear clearly ,,, well, whatever it is, sleep again, again, the same calculation, no one knows, again, accept it ,,, this time my soul has dried up in fear ,, it seems that now if a fly The last time I heard the word, there was so much fear working in me.

I am thinking with a courage in my mind again, I will not run until I see my own eyes, let's see what happens ,,, if it is a petni, then I am no less, I controlled Petni's son-in-law ,,,, said ,,,, started crying.

This time I really believe that there is a wife here ,,, I ran out of the room saying mother is mother ,,, I am calling mother ,, what happened mother says ,,,, wife is coming mother that wife ,,,

Mom ,,, with a little smile and a rebuke, what are you saying ,,,

When did I get married again ,,,,

I am doing it today, in the afternoon.

Mother) Hahaha where do I see the wife

I) that is coming here, you can not see ,,,

Ma) Koi Nato ,,

I) Ah ah ah ,, standing with me ,,,,

Mother) Poladar's head is gone. At this age, his wife has gone mad.

I will go to sleep omni me ,,,,,,,

Will continue ,,,,,,

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Written by   70
5 months ago
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