There's No Such Thing as Motivation: Voice of another resonates with me

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I still hear the voice I heard before when I was just starting into the blogosphere. That there's no such thing as motivation. Or to be more exact, 'motivation doesn't exist.'

It's not that motivation doesn't really exist but sometimes we simply move our body mindlessly just to get things done for the day. Motivated or not, we have our obligations and responsibilities to fulfill.

Say for today, I simply get my hands typing, typing, typing, and the words come out like it should. I've been on a hiatus for the past days when in fact, I wanted to produce more than once a day.

The reason? I thought very much of a nice title, of a catchy first phrase. Of something I know I will never attain. Just because what I give is what I give. I can't try hard enough. All I can give is what I can give.

And so finally, here comes another one.

Sometime ago, I signed up on this platform after being invited by a dear friend and I promised I would continue the journey that has been halted. But alas! after being disheartened by so many things, I stopped. And just like that, I stopped.

To survive in this endeavor, one must really stick to principles, self-declared or adopted. And this time, I really have to be reminded of the many inspirations I had back then.

And I'm kind of rebelling because it is not my job here to decode some form of algorithm just to be noticed by someone. I simply write obviously for my sake. For those who find value, then that's already a big thing. If not, so what? We all have different interests. And for those who try their best, salute to you! In the end, we all reap what we sow. As for me, it's just beyond me to think so much. Ah, 'nough said. Whatever.

So what now?

Command your body to move and get one thing done, then another, then another. Just like how you want a stick of barbecue, then you go on eating until you count more than 10 sticks on your side. Or just one more episode of what you're watching, then you go on to finish the whole series. Just pick the tissue littered around, then put the knife out of reach of a child. Or open the laptop then read a message. Then you're moving about until you have at least accomplished something.

This is at least for the likes of me who always drag her butt everyday of her life.

And this post is no exception.

Concluding Thoughts

Motivation does exist. That is, if we know how to take advantage of it. The mere fact of writing this one is a motivation in itself. We just craft it in a way that we go beyond what we've been dreading for. Or what has been halting us. And so we say the opposite just to get us pumped out.

One more analogy is that if you hate your surroundings so much that you'd want to go away then try writing all about your hate for your place. Write down every thing that makes you resentful of your current space. Don't stop until you've emptied it out. Then you'll discover how dear the place is to you.

Don't believe me? Then try. Just try.


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