Night bed Thoughts

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The night is the name of rest. It gives relaxation to the body after doing physical work whole the day. The night is not only for the rich but also for the poor. It means everyone can avail the opportunity of sleeping and giving relaxation to the body. When a man sleeps on the night bed, a bundle of thoughts came into his mind that increases the capacity for thinking of his mind but all people didn't avail of this blessing. However, some people get to avail of this opportunity. Night bed thoughts came in every person at every age of life like in children, youths, and old age.

Thoughts of children.

Thought depends on the overall activities done in a day as children always want to play games their whole life and also want relaxation peace and toys. So their thoughts will revolve around these factors.

How I can get peace? And what should I do to get more toys, rewards, and appreciation from the teachers and parents or friends? Thoughts are the blessings of God that are equally distributed among everyone and no one is left behind.

Thoughts of the Boy

1) thoughts of a boy will be different from the thoughts of a girl because the thoughts depend on nature and activities that we do in a day. Because boys do different stranger things in a day so whenever he will be in bed then they will think about all the things he had done in the day. If he plays cricket for the whole day when he is in bed then he will think about the cricket that he has played. Then his thoughts will say him if he plays that shot in a good way it was maybe we won the match. If a boy is a student then his thoughts will be an infant and he will write them in a notebook. These thoughts make a man a writer, author, poet, and novelist also.

Thoughts of the girl

2) Thoughts of the girl will revolve around the activities that the girl had done in her day. Frequently, girls play different fashions and games and also search for new styles and makeup substances then their thoughts will revolve around these things. Most of the summer girls are interested in watching dramas cartoons and films so whenever they are in bed and they will see a dream about dating and this is all about office thoughts.

Thoughts of Youth.

The thoughts of youth are remarkable because these thoughts make history. There is hot blood in youth and also can do something. Thoughts belonging to youth are powerful and have enough energy to remain for a long time and we can say they least until the man has succeeded. When a young man is in bed then his thoughts are mostly about his future because every day he thinks about the future. What will he do? What arrangements should be done to make a bright future? The improvements of a person belong to his thoughts if his thoughts are good then he will be able to improve his ability. Thoughts give us solutions to problems, read carefully the next sentence, when aspirant studies all day and when he is in night bed then automatically the solution to the problems came into his mind.

Thoughts of the old

Thoughts of the old men mostly revolve around mercy and pardon because they had spent a big part of their lives. Because our older are our assets they always think about their children and family so their thoughts will revolve around the family and the future. They are very concerned about children's future. Their thinking capacity is the most intelligent than ours. They had a great experience of life and almost a collection of solutions they had over one problem. So we should accompany our ancestors for great experiences.


Thoughts make novelists, dramatists, writers, and poets. Because thoughts are the new infant ideas. These thoughts are full of emotions and feelings. So, we should use our thoughts carefully. The main thing about thoughts they make us moral.

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Before I go to bed, I do mediate, after that if sleep doesn't come fast I start thinking of life in general.. everyone thought is different

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