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Iodine and Health Benefits

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Iodine is a naturally occurring chemical element that is common in various types of food, though largely in seafood that needed for healthy thyroid function. Since thyroid produces hormones needed in monitoring proper metabolism, mental development in kids and bone health, it’s vital that you get enough amount of Iodine in your daily diet.

Iodine has antiseptic qualities, making it a superb choice in the handling of external bruises or wounds over antibiotics from common pharmaceutical sources.

Here are some of the health benefits of Iodine:

You can’t live without iodine. This is since this mineral performs lots of essential functions in your system that has lots of amazing effects on your well-being such as:

Proper Thyroid Function

A healthy thyroid is vital in the metabolism of body tissues and is also vital in the growth of the central nervous system in kids. So, meaning a healthy thyroid gets enough amounts of this mineral daily- is essential for bone strength, metabolism, weight control, respiratory function, muscle strength as well as other health aspects.

Proper Production of Hormone

This mineral is accountable for helping your thyroid in generating two essential hormones; the thyroxine and the triiodothyronine. Both T3 and T4 circulate to each body cell and are responsible for regulating the metabolism of the body’s function, which includes digestion and heart rate.

Breast Health

There’s a relation between high numbers of breast cancer in people with a history of thyroid cancer and high amounts of thyroid cancer in people with a breast cancer history. This relation in the increased possibilities of having a secondary malignancy of people diagnosed with either thyroid or breast cancer is likely because of hormonal risk factors that stem from insufficient production of T4 and T3 that’s something iodine levels play a vital role in producing. The occurrence of non-cancerous cyst in the breast might also attribute to lack of hormone in the thyroid.

Bone Health

Lack of this mineral can result in hypothyroidism that’s where your thyroid can’t produce hormones. Too much iodine can also lead to hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. On the other hand, if too much thyroxine is present, natural bone loss is increased. Likewise, once the level of TSH is extremely low for prolonged periods, like in the case of hypothyroidism- the threat for osteoporosis also enhances, and there’s confirmation that people with low levels of TSH might also lose bone faster than people with healthy levels of it.

Keep You Safe from Radiation

Lack of iodine in people exposed to radiation can result in an increased threat of thyroid cancer. This happens as iodine absorbs as well as traps radiation that can then be assimilated by your thyroid. Then this raises the risk for thyroid cancer unless a non-radioactive source is accessible to assimilate as well as pass along too much radiation.

Conclusion: In general, iodine is vital for a healthy and active thyroid function. Without or lack of it, you not just risk the growth of goiter, but also of the many issues associated with pituitary hormones underproduction.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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An interesting article about Iodine and its effects. Keep up the good work. :)

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1 year ago