One night mistake

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The phone rang; gbrammmm, he picked it up,who is this please he asked,my name is spring "she said"

So what can I do for you young lady" am pregnant sir, so what if you are pregnant how is that my concern!!!! "He yelled" you are responsible for it she said, he was dumb at first,then he re-gained consciousness, he told her to come again,she said she is pregnant for him " he laughed out loud,how is that even possible he said. Remember the last time at the clubhouse,am the girl from the club house,you took me to an hotel where we had sex and that was the result of this pregnancy "she replied

He was angry and at the same time felt bittered, how can one night out result to pregnancy "he wondered and hung up on her "

He flashed back to that night,
As he entered the clubhouse he saw
different kinds of ladies dancing 
but one caught his attention,he 
went to her, can I dance with you
"he said" yes you can she replied
He went to dance with her,as she was
dancing he was feeling her,she gave
him mind blowing lap dance 😂,

He couldn't take it anymore,he 
taught about having sex with her 
but he was skeptical about it but he 
was already in the mood.

He said can we go to a hotel? she
agreed because she liked him
 Immediately she saw him.

They went to a hotel,he didn't have a
a CD with him so they did it like

Back to the present moment, he was still thinking when his wife tapped him, honey what are you thinking about?

Baby can you ever leave me? She looked surprised, "No I can't!" Why did you ask ? He said nothing, baby am fine don't worry about me, he said.

By the way, are you not going out again? I thought you said you wanted to go out before, she asked him"

Yes I am going out now to see my friend,I will be back soon, get me the car keys please he said to her. She brought the car key to him and he left to see his friend.

As he was driving he was contemplating on what the lady that called him said, immediately he called his friend, "bayo you dey house"? No I dey bar house come meet me for that same bar house wey you Know,his friend replied,"Okay he said".

He went straight to the bar house, saw his friend and went to him, what's up my man, his friend said shaking him, he was just dull, wetin dey do you guyyyy,why you dull like this!!? His friend asked him with their usual tone.

See am in big trouble guy,a very big trouble,that lady I met at the clubhouse I told you about before,she called me this morning and said she is pregnant for me.

Eeewweeee! He's friend exclaimed, how is that possible? Didn't you use protection? I didn't ,I did not use protection, there was none then......

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Jude!!!!!!!!!!!! ,How many times did I call you? How can you do that without using protection,are you a baby? You fucked up big time guy,you really fucked up, how could you,his friend was saying when he suddenly cut him in,see that one has gone,the deed has been done already,the reason why I came to talk to you about it is for me to know what to do next,my wife must not hear about this,what can I do now,am confused he said....

Okay,will you take my advice? Tell your wife about it first before she tell her herself, are you crazy? How can you say I should tell my wife about it,do you want her to leave me? I can't tell my wife,it is not even possible,he said shaking his head.

Okay,I have another advise tell her to terminate it,this is my second advice for you,if you like take if you like don't take it,you are on your own. You mean she should terminate the baby? Yes that's the only way for you. No no no,I know I made a mistake having sex with her and that was my first time and you know it,you know have never had sex with another woman except my wife alone since I got married but I made this mistake so I cannot make another mistake by killing my unborn child 😔.

Okay if you can't you are on your own then,when you are ready tell me, his friend walked out on him .

He went back home,his wife. noticed he was moody,he couldn't even eat well,she asked him what was wrong but he said nothing is wrong.

The next day,the lady called him again, hello why are you disturbing me he said,I said am pregnant for you and listen to me and listen good,you see this baby am carrying,I will give birth to it,all I need from you is to be responsible as a father to our child, goodbye for now she hung up the call.

He ran to his friend to help him,his friend said don't worry I will help you to tell her myself,call her and tell her to meet us at the bar house, hello young lady meet us at the bar house,he gave her the description and hung up the call.

As she was coming she was thinking about it,is he ready to accept the pregnancy? Is that why he called,he had better accept it .when she got there she went to them, good evening she said, the friend started,we don't have much time so I will just go straight to the point,the reason why we called you here is this, you are going to abort the pregnancy,he is not going to accept this baby because he is married, so you will abort the baby, we will compensate you and we will all go our different way........ He said

Never,I repeat never,I am not aborting this baby either you take it or leave it am giving birth to this baby and there is nothing the two of you can do about it. I won't abort this child!!!!!! .As she was about to stand up,she faced him and said"if you don't accept this baby your wife will know about it", She stood up and walked out on them.

A month passed she kept calling him, threatening him to accept the baby or his wife will hear about it,then one day after three months,she came to their house and knocked at the door, ko ko ko!!! Who is there the wife said, please is your husband at home? Yes he is at home,who are you please,tell him it's spring and he already know who it is, she went upstairs to call her husband,baby a lady downstairs is looking for you,she is waiting for you in the sitting room,who is she, her husband asked" she said her name is spring, he jumped up from the bed, spring!!!!??? How is that possible, he rushed downstairs to the sitting room, what are you looking for and how did you know my house? He asked her. She laughed out loud 😂,I can find any place on this Earth unless I don't want to, let me get started,the reason why am here is to tell your wife that am pregnant for you and you don't want accept it,she said smiling"

His wife was dumbfounded,what did you just say? Madam I said am three months gone for your husband. Baby baby is this true? Is she telling the truth? Talk to me!!! ,Her husband was just stuttering, darling please it wasn't intentional,it was just a night mistake,am begging you it was a mistake,I never wanted to hurt you please 🙏🙏🙏🙏. As he was pleading the wife was sobbing continuously, you got another woman pregnant? I trusted you,how could you do this for me,she went straight inside pack her things, her husband followed her,kept begging her not to leave but she was adamant, stay with your newly found wife and leaving for good,she said as she leaves.

Immediately his wife left he sent spring out of his house,but she kept coming back and collecting money to cater for herself,she kept collecting money to buy stuffs for herself and the baby, he kept on calling and apologizing to his wife to come back home but she wouldn't answer,she will always say it's over because another woman is pregnant for him.

After 6 months spring gave birth to a baby boy, and she called him, have given birth to your child, come and see him,He was sad then happy a little because he had always had it in my that after spring give birth,he would take the baby for a DNA test. After two weeks,he told her,am taking the baby for a DNA test,she was surprised to hear him say that,why will you take your child for a DNA test,are you skeptical that he's not yours? You are not taking my baby for a DNA, believe it or not,if you like believe he's your child if you like don't believe,he is your baby,that is all I know.

When he left, spring started to think about it,how will he say he wants to take my child for a DNA test,I will not allow you do that , no way!!!.

After a month he got access to cut the child's hair and took it the hospital without the knowledge of spring, he gave it to his doctor friend to test it if the child is truly his, after a week the doctor called him for the test result, he was scared at first as he was going but later decided to man up, anything the result says he will handle it. When he got to the hospital,the doctor gave him the result and told him the DNA results shows he is not the father of the child,he was surprised as well thankful to God, but he told the doctor to do the test again, maybe there is a mix-up somewhere,they did the test again and the result came out he is not the father of the baby,to confirm for the last time,he went to another hospital,the test result came out the same, he was so happy. Atlas! my home will be restored back he said.

He went to spring house and gave her thetest result, what type of person are you?!! You came to destroy my home knowing fully well am not the father of that child but thank God for my friend advice,you would have caged me with this baby, spring knelt down and started begging him but he didn't listen. He went home, called his wife and told her about what he found out,she was surprised as well and she forgave him and went back home to meet her husband and he promised her he will never make such mistake again. ....

A silly mistake can cost you alot, always be careful.

For the past three days now have been really busy and tired but I think I got a little strength today so that's why I decided to write this..

Thank you everyone ❤️

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