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Patience, My Needs AND My WHY'S

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6 months ago

Our whole day was so cold because of the heavy rains that  last overnight, This is the day that we really just want to lie our bed, and do nothing, I wish I just could really do that but I just can't, I had to do something so that I can get some ideas of my writing and I need to go to a wifi vending machine for my internet connection.

I am so great today, because even though it's raining I have received very good news today, my cousin who has a wifi vending machine told me to connect to their personal wifi, so that I can connect every time I want.

They always saw me near the wifi vending machine, everyday, just like I had to bring lunch everyday, and sometimes I had to help them cook their lunch so that I could eat with them haha.

Because they saw me everyday they thought that I was just doing facebook, or browsing youtube, my cousin suggested that I should connect to their personal wifi so that I don't have to spend money everyday for the wifi vending machine.


We started our day, talking about nonsense, until we thought about what is a good business for 2022. Everyone shared their  opinion,as I was busy writing on my cellphone when they asked me. 

I am not that really interested about having business when having a lots of  owner or simply to say a corporation, because we tried it many times but still it was all failed, we had once a business "Ukay-ukay" we shared the same amount exactly so that we can buy a bale that we want.

At first, our "Ukay-ukay" business was  really good, and we tried again for the second time and still It was all sold out, and because we are so grateful and excited, we tried again for the third time, at first it was still popular, many customers came and buy, but then the pandemic occurred, our business suddenly close, we tried to sell it online but there was not so many buyers because of the pandemic , because that time the most important thing is to have food on your table and feed your family. 

The next thing I knew was I didn't receive my share, and the money was gone, and all the efforts and sweat were gone.


I never tried to complain or ask where my money was, because believe it or not when you asked you will become the villain of the story they made, and I know they will only count the times when they are helping me, I know because it happened countless times.


Being in this situation, you have to be more patient because you'll only get angry if you don't have any patience. When I became a member of this family I already bought many sacks of patience and understanding. And I decided to give my 100% support to them, at least at the very moment it will pay my gratitude to them.


When I was in highschool, I don't understand why I always need to be happy when they are happy, I need to be sad when they are sad, I need to comfort them whey they had a misunderstanding, I need to be in the center when they had arguments, I need to be careful in everything I have to say, I need to keep silence even if I was in pain, I NEED TO..


I was upset back then, and I had a lot of why's, but then I realized that I don't have the right to complain, because even with all of that, they are so good to me, they raised me well and gave me everything if I asked.

They treat me like their own sibling, and I have no right because they are the one who feeds me, gives me clothes and gives me shelter.


I was too young back then to realize and understand, and I was so bad because despite of their help for me, I still have the time to get upset, so despite of my why's I will support them till the end, I still had a lot of patience and understanding and I know it’s not easy to lose. And despite of my why's I would still be happy if they are happy, I would still be sad, if they will be sad, I would still comfort them, I would still be in their center, I would still be careful in everything I have to say, and I would still be in silence despite of my pain, because without them I don't even know where I am right now, and I owe my life to them.


They asked my opinion about what might be good for business this 2022, and my answer was, If what is your decision then I agree.


It is  common for our Filipinos to be grateful to a friend and especially to family who raised us, that is why we can always be grateful for what they have done to us. and we can do that while we are still alive, and that is what I will do, as long as I am alive. So I am grateful to those people who raised me, and made me who I am right now.

Thank You for reading 💕

P.S :

I'm not insulting them or I'm angry, whatever I write is based on how I feel, thank you for your understanding 💕


Date Published: January 17, 2022

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Written by   109
6 months ago
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I wish I may have a wifi line of my own

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6 months ago

Yes I wish I had one too..

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6 months ago

Dear your cousin is very kind to you..and shared to you their personal wifi without paying and allow him to eat together with you family. I love that kind of treatment. You must be grateful to them because they have help you a lot my friend

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6 months ago

Yes, sila na kasi talaga nagpalaki sa akin, since my mother abandoned us..

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6 months ago