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My Journey To Farming (Part 1)

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6 months ago

Our plan Yesterday was to plant some squash on our farm, at least we can visit every week and take care of it when my husband got his day off, but because of heavy rains our plan failed and ended up sitting the whole day doing seed beds for squash from my cousin. 

But before anything else I would like to thank @foryoubtc09 For your sponsorship, I am now trying hard to think on what I should write at least 2-3 articles per day but because of the heavy rain, I barely go outside because I have Sophia, and there's no one who left with her, thank you very much and God will bless you always. 💕


This morning, it's a good thing that the sun showed up, so we thought of continuing the plan we failed yesterday.

Because I had to help and there was no one to watch over my daughter Sophia so I had to take her to the farm, it was her first time on the farm so she was excited but when she saw the muddy and slippery road she didn't want to walk so I had to carry her.

So I would like to welcome you to my farm Hut.

This is our Hut, it's not big, its only purpose is for us to have shelter when it rains and there is something to cook, we don't have to be pretentious because it's in the farm.

I had to help because there were only a few of us and we had the youngest with us, and at least we could plant more than I could just stand and watch.

At first we had a hard time because the grass was long and we still had to clean it so we could plant.

When we were in the middle of cleaning, suddenly a snake appeared so we all ran away.

Thank you Lord, because we have someone with us who is not afraid of snakes and that is the youngest of us all.

I took a picture of it. I can't see very much because I'm far away, I'm actually scared of snakes, when I see it I can't sleep at night because I feel like a snake crawling towards me.

Only then did we start again when we were sure that the snake was really dead.

We have already started to cultivate the land for the squash to be planted, in each circle we cultivate we will put two or three seeds, to make sure that even if there are two that cannot survive there is one seed left.

In a can of squash it contains 1200 pieces of seeds so it really takes a wide area and the distance between each one should be one meter.

One should clean the area first, then the next to cultivate the soil and the next by the planter so that everyone's work is not too heavy.

It was okay at the beginning, but when the sun was too painful, we almost lost the energy to continue, so what I did was share jokes so that somehow they would laugh, I thought I'd take a picture and I really meant not to be great haha.

and it's effective because they laugh while watching me.

They asked me if I wasn't hot because I didn't wear a jacket, my only answer was that I'm not afraid to get black, that's why I wore white clothes, because when I'm sunburned, and at least they can still see me because of I'm wearing.

Towards noon, I was also losing energy due to the heat of the sun so I said, take a picture so I can be energized, my cousin followed and said it was okay, but I couldn't quite imagine the outcome. of my picture haha

We didn't finish planting in a day because of the size of the land, and we weren't in a hurry because we were losing energy, and there was still tomorrow so it was okay.


It's our first time to have land and plant, it's true what is in the song "To plant is not a joke" and not just with rice because even with squash it's hard.So we thought we would just slow it all down until the end.


At first, I was hesitant to receive land from my cousin because of the size of their expectations of me especially and I am an agriculture graduate, so I was a bit nervous because of the height of their expectations.

But my husband just said, I don't have to use my degree holder to be able to plant, the most important thing is to give importance to the land, be responsible for it and still don't forget to thank the Lord and my cousin who trusts in me.


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Written by   109
6 months ago
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May model pala sa farm niyo sis, hehe?.. Nakakatakot naman yung ahas sis buti pinatay na

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6 months ago

haha kailangan para wag antukin 😂

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6 months ago

Maganda yan sis, good vibes palagi, hehe

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6 months ago