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My Curiosities and All

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6 months ago

From my very innocent mind until now, I really can't help myself about curious on so many things, sometimes, I just staring blankly to the things that I am curious with and ask myself 

How and Why ?

There are a lot of things that we cannot imagine how it works and why it has to be that kind of thing. 

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Thank you for reading and Enjoy 💕

In this Blog, I will share with you the things that until now I am still curious about and how things really work. 

So here it Is ….

The first thing that I was so curious about is:


 When I was kid, I really thought that there are really people at the back of the TV, that was why when the movie we were watching was end, I end up waiting for them to come out from the back of the tv, that was before when the TV has a big at the back haha, I know it was ridiculous because we don't have a Tv before, we only watch at our neighbors during "Kristala" days.

I was really wondering how people come inside the TV when it is so small.Haha


Back then, my favorite superheroes were "Kristala" and "Super Inggo." I had no Idea that there were a lot of superhero characters back then, All I know is the two of them. And because I really don't know that they were only a fiction, I end up praying just to be like them, that was before when my 9th birthday was approaching.

I was praying really hard, getting signs so that I could be like them. I know, I was just so innocent to think of that kind of thing haha.


I remember back then my first time seeing a motorcycle, I really ran as fast as I could, while shouting the name of my two favorite superheroes haha.. 

I was really ignorant back then, but when the motorcycle passed in front of me, I just stared blankly. Why is that thing running when it has only two tires? That was the question that formed into my mind.


When I saw a first commercial about shampoo, I was so amazed, while.touching my hair, I never thought that if you could use that kind of shampoo, your hair can shine as in the commercial.

When I went home, I really cried to my mother because I really wanted to buy that shampoo so that my hair would be really shine, so I end up buying one at the small store, I was so excited while taking a bath and while waiting for my hair to get dry from the water, but when it dries, Nothing has changed, it never transformed like at the TV.


If I was really curious about the motorcycle then I was also curious about the Bike, I really thought to myself, how does it work when it has only 2 thin tires and you also have to pedal? (Lahat nalang talaga curious ako 😅😅)


Sometimes I never intended to stare at one person, when I saw someone's face I imagined it to have not an eyebrow haha, well I really thought of it, I really don't know why we have an eyebrow? and I really can't imagine a person with no eyebrows haha (ano kayang itsura natin ano ??)


When I was a kid, I would always ask, why do people get married, why can a woman bear a child? 

I was so curious back then, why does it have to call the father a Tatay, and Mother a Nanay.

My mother was irritated because I really had so many questions that she don't know how to answer that was why, I end up crying because I don't get any answers of my questions (haha)

Source of Images: Unsplash

Final Thought: 

I remember all of it when I watch "How it's made" from Discovery Science, and then I end up writing this, so from now on, I will seek informations on my curiosities individually haha( someone answers please 😂😂)

Date Published: January 25, 2022

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Written by   109
6 months ago
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Same sa shampoo sis, ingon Ana pud ako huna-huna sa una na kung maggamit ko mu shiny pareha sa gi commercial pero di man d i, gipahumot ra man Akong buhok, hahaha

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Haha na igno jud pud ko anang shampoo haha hilak² paku para mapalitan haha

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Hahaha, grabe jud gihilakan jud d i ang shampoo sis. Nya ang resulta kay di man pareho sa commercial. Gi atik ra ta, hahaha

$ 0.00
6 months ago

mao jud sis haha..

$ 0.00
6 months ago