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1 year ago

It was a bright day, and thank God I am now feeling Okay more than yesterday.

So I decided to go to my cousin's house in case I can help with many things. It is my everyday routine since I am finished doing everything at my own house.

While I was looking for hot water because I was carrying coffee, I saw my niece dancing on the tiktok, I caught a glimpse because I could also see myself, so when my niece started dancing, I also danced in the background haha

As you can see, I really just passed by that but it feels like dancing even if I don't know how haha.

they laughed because of what I did so they called me and faced the camera.

At first, I was hesitant but because it was filtered I smiled and started to pose. I think oyyy I'm a bit beautiful haha ​​that's why I like it.

I like to take pictures because of the filter, I thought if I'm beautiful when my skin color is white, haha ​​I ended up discriminating against my own color haha

And because I love it, I requested a few more shots, because I feel like I'm really beautiful.

When Sophia noticed what we were doing, she also insist that she also wanted to take a picture of just the two of us and she wanted solo shots again.

When she noticed that I was at her back she really pushed me away because she wanted to own the camera, and my niece agreed and took her a solo shot.

How cute Sophia was. She was really amazed when she saw herself on camera with a filter, she laughed because she said that she is pretty.

It's really fun when it's like this, it's just simple and fun, with just one click of the camera you can smile.


Nowadays, we don't know how far and when we will live, so even simple things should be fun, and your bonding can't be replaced by anything.


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1 year ago


Yessss, that's right bonding with your love ones cannot be replace by anything. Cherished the moment when it's your feeling because we are in the temporary situation experience temporary happiness and pleasure. So no matter how small it was appreciate those little things that can makes you 😁 happy.

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1 year ago