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The Enchanted Pitch.

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1 month ago

As I was headed straight to the staircase, I heard it. It sounded so extra-ordinary that I had to pause for a moment to listen again but by this time, my heart has been already imprisoned that I could not think of any other thing to do than to just locate where the voice is coming from and stay there till the end of time.


I have lived in this apartment for over three years and in all my years of living there, I have always heard neighbours singing either while climbing the staircase or when they are busy with house chores. We lived in total peace and love for each other and I say this with all honesty. I could remember that faithful morning when we were all woken up by the cry of help from one of the neighbours. I think that was my first year in the apartment. Unlike the former place I had lived where everyone lives only for themselves and no one cared to know who or how the next-door neighbour was fairing. I could hear the sound of the doors of other apartments opening that early morning. I was forced to turn my light on because I am among those who do not sleep with their lights on. When I checked the time I noticed that it was still 2:25 am. At this time I began to wonder what could be the reason for the distress call from one of the neighbours.


Since I was able to hear voices coming from outside my door, I felt it won’t be nice if I stayed indoors so I had to force myself to get off my bed and go outside. When I opened my door and stepped out, I saw most of my neighbours peering into the apartment of my next-door neighbour. I was forced to do the same and that was when it dawned on me that my neighbour whom I had a little chat with as I was walking up the stairs a few days ago was lying lifeless on the floor of her sitting room. I tried to ask for any information from the other neighbours who came out before me but no one could give a tangible explanation to what had happened.

I could hear one of the neighbours’ who probably was the first to come out telling others that she had already called the ambulance some few minutes ago. I could not imagine what had happened to such a healthy and agile girl who we all know to be a hardworking neighbour. I forced myself into her sitting room to take a closer look at her that was when I saw blood on the left side of her head and as I took a closer look, I noticed that there was water on the floor.


I fixed up the scenario at once and it became clear to me that she had had a fall which was caused by the water on the floor and probably hit her head on a hard surface which was why she let out such a loud cry for help. As I was trying to fix up what could have caused her to spill water and not dry it up, the ambulance service came into the apartment and we all had to give them the space to work. They told us that she was unconscious and not dead. This was a great relief to all of us at that moment and the ambulance service drove off to the hospital so that she could get better care. Six months after the event of that day, the girl was discharged but she lost the use of her legs because a part of her brain that controls the signal to the legs through the spinal cord was badly damaged when she hit her head on the tiles as she fell that day. This left her confined to a wheelchair.

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I have heard a lot of people sing both at the home, office, church and even over the radio and television but none of them had enchanted my heart in the way this voice did. I could not say exactly how I was feeling the moment the echo of her voice got to my ear. One thing I was able to know was that the voice was feminine and sonorous. I have always been an early bird when it comes to going to work every day but on that faithful morning as I heard that voice while I was headed to the staircase as I was leaving for work everything turned around for me. At first, it felt like I was being led by the hand but I could not see the being leading me. I followed blindly as I worked up the stairs instead of heading downstairs. When I got to a particular door, the voice sounded clearer and more distinct but I found out that I was unable to fix up the lyrics of the song I was hearing.


The hand that was leading me now made me knock on the door and just like someone who was bewitched, I opened the door without waiting to be asked to come in and there she was facing the window, singing so sweetly and with all her heart. My soul was taken from me and I could see myself floating in the room as she was singing. My entire body was no longer in my control but I could see myself trying to lay hold of my body but all the effort was in vain.


I watched as she stood up from the wheelchair and led my soul through the window and as we stepped out, I noticed we were dancing in the air. At that moment I saw a great light fall over her face and her body was glittering in stars. I could not imagine the happiness I was in her eyes as she drew me closer to herself. As I was basking in the euphoria of the moment, I felt a shape push and immediately I saw her looking at me as I stood in the centre of her sitting room not knowing how I got there in the first place.


She asked me what and how I got into her room and I narrated my story to her, she looked at me and said;

“My heart has been calling out to the one who will love me irrespective of my condition and here you are. Could it be that you are the one I have been expecting?”

I looked straight into her eyes and it was as if I had a lot to say to her but my words failed me. She held my hand and said;

“Love could happen in strange places and I think this is one of them.”

Before I could say a word, she stood up from her wheelchair and kissed me and I could not understand what was happening. When I asked how she was able to stand up she said;

“The doctor told me that it is only true love that can give me legs to walk on. I know he did not mean it literarily but I think love was truly all that was needed to rejuvenate the damaged part of my brain.”

I held her closer and kissed her but this time around, it was more intense and real. I could feel our heartbeat seamlessly together and that was when it dawned on me that love had enchanted my soul through the pitch.

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Written by   153
1 month ago
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It is a good read. Great imaginary story and leaves a very good impression when reading. Leaves the feeling of wanting to know more....

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1 month ago

I am happy that my imagination was able to keep you glued to the last word. You know, love is very sweet and important in everyone's life.

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1 month ago

Of course it is. Who doesn't like to feel loved? it's just a great feeling.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Love is all that we all need in our lives...😍😂

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1 month ago

Wow, that's awesome. I feel in love with the story from beginning to end, I feel like doing the continuity of the story and I don't know if you will permit such.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

An interesting story. Love heals and gives the strength to do the unimaginable

$ 0.05
1 month ago