Passion: the secret to success or failure?

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Passion is one of the most important reasons for the success of any person in achieving his goal or accomplishing anything, to live without passion is misery itself, you work as if you are a small cog in a large factory, you feel as if you are very normal and do not make any difference and can be dispensed with easily, no harm will happen No one will ever notice, but if there is a difference that may be for the better, you will feel as if you are a postman himself who is using the e-mail, or a worker on another machine that was invented, mechanized that performs the same role and does not need a worker, or any other job that has lost its importance as a result of development and technology.

Unfortunately, this feeling of loss or lack of value is a true and not false feeling at all, and the intensity of this feeling will only be mitigated by a little passion. Yes, I think that only a few is very sufficient, but sometimes it is better than a lot, and now I will share with you a little of my experience that led me to this The result.

I have always been a very frightened person, I pay close attention to everyone around me and monitor their reactions to what belongs to me by concentrating a soldier who found himself alone on an island full of enemies, cry or break alone, I should not show any major difference, I always hate confrontations or conflicts The big thing, because behaving wrongly then has a very big consequence for someone like me, I get used to repeating situations over and over again, sometimes I find myself wrong and other times wrong, liar and honest, and also I always find myself terrified at the idea that I have caused harm or pain to someone else.

Not perfect at all

For two reasons; The first: because I am full of big defects, and the second: that this fear did not prevent me from hurting many people.

I know that most was not on purpose, and I also know that in all cases this is the nature of the world and the most important thing is to hold ourselves accountable periodically so that we do not repeat the same mistakes, but When someone comes and tells me that I am one of the people who hurt him most or that I have caused him a great deal of pain, here and here only I cannot describe anything other than crying with a burning sensation, every difficult feeling I felt on a completely different day.

I always like to think in a logical and organized manner, and many claim that I am proficient in this and that this is evidence of their claim that I am a tough-hearted person with little emotion that makes me resemble human beings weak almost, I disagree with them on the issue of cruelty, but I could be here myself He is mistaken and that the image of a hard-hearted in my head is a little naive, I imagine him enjoying most of his actions even if he breaks the hearts of all those close to him, it is very permissible that when he does this he is very sad and cannot sleep or eat for weeks and does not find any pleasure in anything for long months, all This is permissible and indicates that I am actually this tough person, as they say, even if I made up with them, but I agree with them that I try to use my mind and always think with logic. The right to favor one of the parties.

It happens that the logic that I use and the opinions of people meet that I was not this cruel and ugly person, the worst of that is for the same person to come and admit his mistake to me, but even this apology will not change much for me, it is permissible because I do not believe much in the conspiracy theory that someone will only do a lot To make you feel bad, or rather, if there is a possibility, even a small one, that you caused enough pain to a particular person to the extent that it made him tell me about all of this. Or forget it.

The reason for all this, in my view, is the difference of intentions

You might say, what is new about this, because life is full of good and bad people, or those with good and bad intentions? But that's not the difference I mean.

Any relationship, whether friendship or love, begins very well, and the reason is known because each party offers (interest, love, commitment, etc.) like what he receives from the other party, after a period of time, rapprochement, reassurance, trust and sometimes fusion occurs, this is the most beautiful moment Sure, but it doesn't last long.

The reason in my opinion is that one of the parties is more loving than the other, the most loving often feels many disappointments, some of which are real and some because of the intensity of his love, but I will tell what always happens to me in all my relationships.

I always try to control myself very much, my emotions, my compliments, my words and everything, I usually do not tend to exaggerate, especially the big ones, and I find in them an urgent desire to make an ugly or incomplete beautification, and true beautiful and honest words are very sufficient and there is no objection to some compliment if necessary.

But it happens that I feel that someone carries me significantly more love than I do for him, until this moment there is no problem, the problem starts from blame and reproach, I love you all this love and you do not care, then I review myself and say that the mind should not be used in this way With those who love you to this extent, and I really leave myself, leave it completely, now I have no control over anything, it is enough for us to feel happy.

Now this person has guaranteed my existence, my love and everything, so I do not need to do some of the things that he used to avoid in order not to bother me, I have not completely lost consciousness however, I know that he did it and he knows exactly what the distress will cause him, I ignore one time and hint Other, I also ignore and then after that I state that this bothers me and I do not want to repeat it, I am neither rude nor cruel, just clarify the matter rationally, of course not as accurate as the first time, and because now I am loving and confident and I cannot ask as if I am a stranger who explains everything from the beginning, and here The resounding surprise occurs, this time not only to repeat the mistake, but to exaggerate it and to master in reaching the most way that could cause you harm and pain.

Here everything ended for me and with conviction, no matter how unjust it is said.

The point of all this is that a little passion is enough, an overdose of non-fusion, love, or trust makes you fly away as if you are living alone, and the fall is loud, so moderation is the only solution for those like me, unless you are brave, then go away and don't be afraid, but Please remember this advice from me, when flying high, leave even a feather from you on the ground, do not fly all of you, falling from this distance is very difficult, to the degree that it would make the idea of running just terrifying, let alone flying.

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It is necessary to find a balance in emotions and commitment. It is necessary do dedicate ourselves to the partner, family members, but that trust shouldn't be violated in any way. Because, then why we advocating someone, if he doesn't respect our attention?

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2 years ago

Balance between mind and emotion is essential and it is the basis for personality balance and success in life.

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2 years ago

I totally agree with you! Cheers!

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