Bitcoin Cash Development video meeting #1 - January 16, 2020

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3 years ago

The first Bitcoin Cash Developer meeting of 2020 took place on January 16th and I decided to also share it with you here on Read.Cash. If you are interested in watching one of the meetings that took place in 2019, or want to see information about future meetings, visit


Amaury Séchet - Bitcoin ABC

Antony Zegers - Bitcoin ABC

Jason B. Cox - Bitcoin ABC

Mark Lundeberg - Bitcoin ABC

Fernando Pelliccioni - Bitcoin ABC/Bitprim

Matias Garcia - BitPay

Josh Ellithorpe - BCHD

Tyler Smith - BCHD

Andrea Suisani - Bitcoin Unlimited

Chris Troutner -

Host: David R. Allen


Goal of the meeting:

Discuss the May upgrade items, BCH Specification, Avalanche and more

  • 1. Libsecp256k1 library announcement

  • 2. May 15th Upgrade - SigChecks - OP_ENDIAN_REVERSE

  • 3. BCH Specification update

  • 4. Avalanche discussion/progress update

  • 5. Additional Items

  • 6. Audience Questions

References and links discussed during the meeting:


Proposed script roadmap:

BCH protocol specification status, Repo at, Bitcoin Unlimited's repo clone at

Developer write access: create an account and contact Bitcoin Verde telegram. Another venue for finidng the spec is

Benchmarking test repository:

Avalanche spec

Invite link for Avalanche working group on Telegram:

Ideas welcome:

Tips and donations welcome at: bitcoincash:qrwyeh8r09rgmpcc6adde6l7u0yp9c7wxcc65qck7j

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David, all of the links with "..." at the end are broken.

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