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Divorce,what’s the Answer?

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1 year ago

Millions of people get married every year because they believe marriage will bring them the happiness they seek. But their expectations are often disappointed. Therefore, they differ in the hope that it can answer their problems and open the door to happiness.

But is divorce the answer? How about alternative accommodation to a traditional wedding?

The basic problem

There is a fundamental reason why so many marriages are unhappy or fail. To illustrate, when a manufacturer makes a product, they usually give instructions for use, right? But what if the instructions are ignored? The product, even if it is of perfect quality, can break and fail due to improper use.

So it is with marriage. Almighty God has its origin in marriage, provided that couples are united in marriage and have children in a domestic contract. God also gave instructions for family life. But if these instructions are ignored, even if the arrangement is perfect, the marriage can lead to bad luck for all involved, and experience often shows it.

The deal itself is good, however, with real potential for happiness that even people whose marriages have failed can recognize. After a two-year divorce, a 47-year-old New Jersey businessman began to reproduce his wife, stating, “What I lacked has built me ​​for a lifetime. I knew exactly what my wife was thinking at a glance, in half a sentence. And she's the only one who really understands me. . .

“I failed to bring my children to school every morning. He took her out to dinner several times a week, but it wasn't the same. The spontaneity and ease of our relationship are gone. People need structure. For many years they have learned to value a home and a family and suddenly they think they can throw it all away, yes they can't. I could not ".

The only correct answer

Therefore, the key to a happy marriage is to follow the instructions of the Creator of marriage, Jehovah. However, this can be questioned. In fact, the advice of the Bible has helped many couples live happily together. Unfortunately, few are aware of the excellent instructions the Bible gives to husbands and wives, let alone follow those instructions.

Next, think about some advice the Bible gives to couples: “Men should always treat their wives with care in a normal life and respect women as someone who remains the weaker partner even then. He is also the heir of the life of grace. "You too, each of you, must love your wife as he loves himself." "- 1 Peter 3: 7

Yes, men should take the initiative to be attentive to their wives. You are largely responsible for the condition of the family. The Bible shows why when it says: "A husband is the head of his wife." (Ephesians 5:23.) For many women in this world of feminine deliverance, this can seem uncomfortable. But is it necessary? Not when leadership is exercised correctly and with love, while the husband considers and even favors the wife's opinions, likes and dislikes when there are no issues at stake. In doing so, he follows them. advice from the Bible to show consideration for his wife.

The Bible also urges: "Let wives be submissive to their husbands" and "Wives should have deep respect for their husbands." (Ephesians 5:22, 33) God wanted his wife to work with her husband and serve as a helper, a complement. (Gen. 2:18, 24) What a good agreement that can be, especially as each member of the couple follows this new biblical advice: “Dress in tender affections of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and great patience. Support each other and give yourself free!

When couples truly understand that marriage is a divine accord and that God's guidance is sought and followed, marriage can give husband and wife a life of true happiness. But does that mean that divorce is never the answer to marital problems?

Ideally, this should not be the case. However, the situation can arise when the husband or wife ignores the sanctity of the marriage contract and has sexual relations with someone other than her husband or even an animal. This behavior was called by the Greeks pornea or sexual immorality. And the Greek text in Matthew 19: 9 states that Pornea is the only basis on which Christians can divorce and remarry.

Unfortunately, God's counsel is often not used today, often because people do not know it. This often creates problems. We can learn from the experiences of others. We encourage you to read the following story about a young woman and her divorce.

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Written by   23
1 year ago
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