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Observe, a means to discover and learn.

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2 months ago

Involve your children in the concern to know, observe and discover, that although it is natural in all children, it gets lost with the passage of time.

We are so used to a fast pace of life that we do not allow ourselves to contemplate a sunrise, a sunset, a flower or a star.

In the same way that curiosity to know is taught and learned, the refusal to acquire knowledge as well, convey to your children that being in school is not an obligation but a privilege that will allow them to grow as people in the intellectual, social aspect , physical and spiritual.

Be aware of the concerns of your children.

Be attentive to your child's abilities and inclinations. If your son or daughter has a great concern to discover and explore, don't hold it back; rather, encourage it. Of course, action limits must be established. The desire to explore should not be in conflict with the rules of behavior or basic safety rules.

Precisely because of these concerns we will be able to know the character of children, which will greatly influence the profession that the child chooses when it comes time to define their path in life.

It is very common for children to be taught that they have to be doctors, lawyers or engineers, "like your dad", and girls, psychologists, nurses or dancers, "because I wanted to be and I didn't have the opportunity", when in actually the child wants to be a journalist or astronomer. This only leads to training in the future professionals dissatisfied with their work, when, if their vocation is respected, they will be fulfilled people who will seek to improve themselves day by day.

Important tips

  • When you go out for a walk, observe and discuss everything around you with your children. Give yourself the opportunity to stop to contemplate nature, zoos, museums and libraries are excellent places to observe and learn.

  • If your children are young, provide them with books that encourage their interest in discovering the world around them. Even if they can't read, large, colorful illustrations will stimulate their minds and imagination.

  • Have you ever commented to your child: "I work very hard to pay for your school and for you to become someone?" Think that the child will feel pressured if she knows that her education is a burden for you, it will be more pleasant

  • You are used to talking with your children as you do with a friend. If you are not used to doing it, do it that will better facilitate your relationship with your children, open an open line between father and children.

  • Have you thought about the future profession of your children? Would you like him to choose the same profession as you or the one that you would have wanted? Or would you like them to choose for themselves?

  • Allow your child to choose the place that they consider appropriate, where he feels most comfortable, as long as it does not endanger his health, or his well being.

Take time to rediscover the world around them with your children.

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Written by   41
2 months ago
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