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Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius. (EN)

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The god Jupiter or Zeus, as the Greeks called him, was the lord of the sky, the wind, the rains and the lightning. She presents herself as a deity who, devoted to love affairs, seeks a way to hide her infidelities from her wife

Hera (also called Juno). He was the supreme god of the Greeks, the protector of laws and mortals and the one who dispensed good and evil.

They represented him as a mature man, with a robust body, long wavy hair and a beard, dressed in a long cloak, a scepter in his left hand and a lightning bolt in his right. At his feet he had an eagle. Oak was assigned as a tree.

Astrological meaning of Jupiter

The planet Jupiter represents the expansive force that tends to drive our being as far as possible, without limit of space or time. Jupiter is the growth of the sphere of action and experience in which an individual lives. It represents the desire to grow, learn, travel, and be free. Jupiter pays little attention to the minor details of life. It is an energy that seeks spaciousness, but can sometimes generate excess, arrogance and carelessness.

Let us remember that Jupiter, with its large number of satellites, appears as a miniature Sun (it is the first planet that man observed with a certain resemblance to the star).

Galileo spotted his satellites with the telescope he built in the 17th century. Those of Saturn were discovered much later. The resemblance to the Sun gave Jupiter symbolic qualities similar to the sun king: brightness, power and energy.

Often, those born under the sign of Sagittarius, the domicile of Jupiter, show in their personality such great faith in themselves that it seems that they are convinced that they are equal to the Sun. According to the principle "as above is below", the representatives of Jupiter here on Earth feel supported by the primary source of all power.

When an astrologer makes the map of the sky of the birth of a person, he includes in it the position of the planet Jupiter, and according to the sign in which he is or the part of the sky he occupies, he obtains information about aspects of his personality. The same is true of the birth map of a country. For example, in the sky at the moment of the birth of Venezuela, Jupiter occupies a relevant position along with Venus and Mercury, in the sign of Gemini. As a nation, our faith and optimism are variable and are associated with beauty (Venus) and intelligence (Mercury). But even more important than that, is the fact that on the map Jupiter is a little after its culmination (it has just passed the highest point in the sky).

This also occurs in the natal charts of daring, spiritual people, eager to grow in consciousness and explore new fields of knowledge. This is the case of characters like Ludwig Van Beethoven, Albert Einstein, José Gregorio Hernández, Pablo Neruda.



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