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Are you his partner or his mother? Alert You could put your relationship on alert ...!! (EN)

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1 month ago

Scold him? Do you have to take care that he fulfills all his commitments? Are you being overprotective? Do you teach him good manners?

HELP ! Be careful not to confuse your role in the relationship ... You are his partner not his mother.

For Alicia's friends, accompanying her to the beach is a nightmare: Jose, put on sunscreen, you get burned! "He yells from the shore." Hey! If you go into the sea, do it very carefully, I said carefully !, Ay Jose , I got out of the water and you wrinkled me José is not a child, but her boyfriend as an adult, who by the way is an excellent swimmer.

For his part, dining with Lucia and her partner is a real lesson in etiquette: Saul, the big glass is for water, and that fork is for meat, not for salad, and eat all the lettuce.

But the palms go to Norma: every month she pays Eduardo's school tuition ... her boy for four years, whom she is supporting to finish her degree.

The common denominator of these women is that they confuse the role of couple with that of mothers. Which is a catastrophic problem. Their motives are diverse; Becoming the mother of your lover can also hide a need for control, that personal insecurities, there are many women who take the role of mothers to all aspects of their lives, whether it is the office or their love relationship. It is about those who always seek to have the solution to all problems or who put the needs of others before their own. Does it sound familiar?


What kind of woman mistakes her partner role? Who are they? Why do they behave like this? In fact, any woman can become, without realizing it, a mother bride, with one of her partners or, at some point in her relationship. Latinas are considered especially susceptible to act like this, the mother archetype is deeply rooted in our cultures, they represent the good, noble and pure.

Let's not forget that for there to be a bride-mother, there has to be a man who wants to be adopted by his partner. It is not a problem of her, but of both.

Although it is said that there is only one mother, in reality there are many types of maternal behaviors, and therefore, different cases of mom girlfriends.

Just as there are controlling mothers, so there are women who seem to suffocate their boy, the same happens in behaviors such as overprotection or permissiveness

Some specialists consider that acting in this way in your relationship can hide an aspect of your personality, which could not only endanger your relationship. But also your peace of mind.

But they are also to blame ...

Before throwing all the blame on women, as always, it must be said that men also contribute to this equation: they also go through life looking for a mother figure that they will never find. "For some Latinos, the mother is the only woman who really counts in her life ...!

Unfortunately, there are still men who believe that no one is going to love and care for them like that selfless old woman who always waits for them with open arms. height.

Given this scenario, what happens? The healthiest option is simple: grow up, both personally and in relationships.

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Written by   45
1 month ago
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I guess there are just women with strong maternal instincts, and they probably forget they are in a relationship with a man, and not their mother. But you are correct that sometimes the men likely enjoy the coddling and forget that they are not children or to be babied.

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1 month ago