You might not always get what you want.

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We all basically have a lot of wishes of which some people do achieve theirs but others do not fulfill their wishes. This doesn't happen one is better than the other or is favoured hand the other but simply because not all wishes can be fulfilled by people in this life.

Wishes as I see it has just two forms , ones that depend on us as individuals and others that depends on other people. Those that depends on us are least having problems with them since we can always fight really really hard for something that we want so we can go through all heights to get such wishes turn into reality.

For a wish that depends on an individual can be fulfilled with dedication hardwork and maturity. An example is , for a child who decided to pass his exams with flying colors will do all what it takes to be up there and this can always be fulfilled.

But on the contrary, the wishes that depends on other people to become a reality sometimes flop very hard no matter how hard we try and these are mostly the wishes that can't always be fulfilled.

There are these wishes that can't always be fulfilled and some of then are basically ones that depend on others. Sometimes we wish we had somethings , were able to go to places , buy somethings but it doesn't happen why ? The resources to use for such wishes are with someone amnd sometimes no matter how hard you try you still can't get it.

Sometimes some things are too much that we already know we might not be able to accomplish or we might not be able to get that thing from the person we want to get it from. We will still continue to try all possible means and of course sometimes it will work for us that on a regular begging he or she will have a change of heart and hand unto us what ever we want but also there is a situation where no matter how hard you try you just can't and that is a realization one has to take note of.

We do want to get hold of some things at specific times but it just doesn't happen.

There's this man in my country who has stood as a candidate for Presidency for three consecutive times of which he has failed to win in all three attempts. He has then decided not to stand a chance at it anymore.

This is a true scenario. He has decided not to stand again not because he can't stand again or doesn't have the resources to pick up the forms but because he had noticed that such a position is not meant for him and no matter how hard he tries he still won't be able to get it. And that is the realization that we all need to have when we try for a long time.

He might not have stopped working depended on Him alone to make that wish happen but he gave up because it depends on others to fulfill that is why I said , wishes that depend on others are really hard to achieve and are mostly the ones that can't be achieved.

As humans we might be able to fight,be persistent, work hard and do all we can to accomplish this goal or a said goal but also there are times where these goals or wishes will never come true no matter how hard you try.

Such wishes are never meant to be true and by trying all possible means to make things happen you sometimes just waste your resoure and your energy of which won't be of importance.

Sometimes it is just a matter of acceptance and moving . I once developed an interest in learning about cryptocurrency simply because I wanted to be heavily tipped on this site since I saw that most articles written about BCH where tipped so well but on a further look, I realise that that wasn't for me.

Such tips might not be for me even no matter how much I wanted it. I would rather work for it than to be of hope that one day someone from somewhere will be giving me all that I needed . (The tips)

It might happen though but the probability that it might happen is really really less. Therefore they need to move on.

Some wishes are too hard to resist and might be difficult to move away from it or accept that you might not be able to accomplish but on an advice we will always have to make our choices; care to fulfill what can be fulfillled and leave others that we can't no matter how or what the impact of such wish will be on us.

Always make your wish, fight to make it work and if works fine but if you do all things and it still doesn't work you will have to know what to do.

Thank you for your time. It's Dangerous_Fly once again.

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