Ten times my friends had my back

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Being stuck in situations which can't b be shared with anyone but friends is a common thing to happen to a person in life. After all friends are ones who know every thing about us with parents can't be involved in for sure and siblings can't be told.

There is one incident from my college life which I really want to share with all before stating here. Back at college I was planning "a very dear friend's" birthday and since my college is a beautiful place surrounded by woods, I planned it amidst trees decorated with frills and balloons. Unfortunately, it was exam day and after the exam, we only had two hours before it was entry time for girls. I had ordered the cake previously but it was late. Also, the spot to be decorated was a bit far and it would take about 20 mins to get to that place and also, we needed to buy some material for decoration. We coordinated very nicely that day. I ran for cake at college gate while my other friends went to shop for buying everything and another group got to the place to be decorated. Till we got to the spot to be decorated, they planned and made arrangements in woods to do everything comfortably. We were done doing everything in some 50 mins and I managed to surprise her getting her to the spot placing a hand on her eyes. She bloomed like an awesome spring after witnessing our efforts.

2019-College trip(Visakhapatnam)

It's a rejoicing feeling when friends come to our rescue and it feels like thank god I have him or her or what else would I have done to save my ass this time.

  1. In early school days whenever I needed a new 8 bit game, I would never buy one but used to run to my friend and he would lend it to me anytime. And even now, we friends don't straight away buy things when we need them, we first ask mates whether they have them and is not in use so that we can borrow.

  2. When I was in intermediate, I had my tuition early in the morning and it's my friend only who waited for me on railway crossing on his scooter(activa) so as to pick me. I would give him a call that I will be there by xyz time and he would wait on out daily rendezvous spot(railway crossing).

  3. When I was heart broken after facing a rejection, I was all shattered but sharing with my buddy @the_mariner always helped me recovering and it's him only who got me confident again.

  4. In college, whenever I got late to get to mess, friends would save me a plate of breakfast and thus I could start my day with first meal.

  5. Whenever I need emergency money(though it happens rarely as I mostly have enough savings) but my friends easily and happily lend me some and they even tend to contribute only a portion of it in case I will be needing more. This practice is best only because they trust me and know I never ask for it till I really need and I am dependable enough to return it back asap.

  6. Whenever mom dad are unhappy with me and I have a sulking mood because of this situation, they lift my spirit up by fueling me up with positive vibes for future . I meet them and aura sets it right. They kn0w me and even tend to give me advice when there is any difference of opinion with parents. Actually friends are there always be it any case of bad mood to set me right and nice.

  7. When I need a team to work on a task which is my idea of a computer science project or startup, they tend to lend full help and listen to me interestingly to improve my idea.,

  8. When I am about to commit something wrong and we have a talk over it first, they tend to advice me about the repercussions and even stop me if it's really gonna get bad later on.

  9. When I am short on any sort of ideas like buying a gift, choosing clothes, buying any accessory or really many other things, they help me to research and get to a decision.

  10. They are truly the lifelines I would have expected for myself and always stand like unshakable trees when I need them be it for help or health, advices or execution. They ask for nothing, devote themselves selflessly for my sake and make the word friend the best emotion that exist.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!<3

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