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Trauma or Depression

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1 year ago

More or else, we all have gone through trauma. The trauma may be of losing your beloved boy friend, girl friend , mother, father, sister and brother.

We will find many people around us those who are passing a difficult time because of this trauma. These kinds of people try their best to keep themselves busy all the time but at night.... At night , they cry for their beloved one. They cannot forget the moments they had spent with their beloved person. Each second seems to be a year.

If you talk with this types of people, you will find they are in depression. They try their best to keep themselves happy but they fails. More they try to be happy,more they gets depressed. And in this way, they lost themselves in depression.

While a person is in depression,he or she stops talking with people. They always wants to stay alone. A fake smile will be always present in their face. At night, they looks at the sky and keeps crying. Due to depression, sometimes you will find someone people's are facing different kinds of health problems like respiratory distress, malnutrition etc etc.

When you will talk with these types of people's they will say that they feel suffocated at night. The night seems to be much more longer than that of day.

Recently, one of my friend had broked up with her boyfriend. While talking with her , she said that at night she feels suffocated. It seems to her that some one is just beating in her heart. She feels too much pain. She had stopped eating, drinking. She had stopped communicating with everyone. She stopped playing with her younger sisters and brothers. She stopped laughing with everyone. She always keeps herself locked in a room. She quitted her job.

Like my friend, we will find many people's who are in depression or trauma. We all need to stand with them. We all need to help them to get rid of these trauma.

Let's come forward to help this kinds of people. Let us help them to bring the smile back in their face. Let us help them to lead a happy, normal life like us.

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Written by   213
1 year ago
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