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2 years ago

Can you see the pain in my eyes,

That you gave me?

Can you feel the pain ,

That you gave me?

Look at me,

What you have made me,

You have broken me into too many pieces

That I can repair them anymore.

You played with me,

You played with my feelings

You made me go through the pains

You made me cry day and night.

What was my fault?

Trusting you blindly.

I loved you a lot

But you??

What did you gain, giving me too much hurt?

I think you you didn't gain anything

Rather you lost manything.

Are you happy now??

Keeping away from me

My absence will hurt you

And the memories will give you pain.

Days passing by

Months after months are going away

But, my love for you

Will not fade away.

I love you

I will always love

Not matter how far you are

I will always love you.

Today you are free

You have no disturbance,no worries

Enjoy your freedom,

Cause one day you will be captive by yourself.

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