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Neha Kakkar

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2 years ago

What it means to have an extra fans of Neha happened the day I saw such a big celebrity, the highest fan follower award girl betrayed by a man of love, thousands of media channels, camera flashes, live programming like a child in front of millions of viewers. Crying. My favourite line is "tujhe chaha rabse bhi jada, phir bhi na tujhe paa sake" as if it was not coming out of her throat. What a surprise! Forgetting her name, fame, fan followers, the girl was just crying.

I almost watch this video and think, do I understand love above all else?

At that time the girl did all the concerts crying. Even on the stage of sa re ga ma pa, the girl said- I should sing this song, for my ex.

But now that girl is smiling next to Rohanpreet pretending to be a beautiful wife. As if the happiest people in the world. As much as she cried at every concert that day, today it is as if all her laughter is gone. You may think, girls like that, where did so much love go.

But I see something different. I see that God does not deceive anyone. Just as much as he took away, He returned it as a thousand times more. It is very important to come to the right person in life even if it is late. A wrong person, a wrong decision, a wrong belief (some people keep believing the wrong person over and over again thinking that one day everything will be fine), a wrong relationship is not just love, it is enough to take the faith away from everything in the world.

If you ever feel that you are not trustworthy, move on. Do not play with the beliefs of others unnecessarily. Whatever you play or handle the situation, maybe the opposite person has a lifelong love for him.

Maybe the faithless man can do nothing but scream at the cost. But there is someone at the top who sees, knows and understands everything. Besides, you know, there is a saying for the soul. You don't have to curse, it sticks.

Love has become very cheap lately. One in the face, another in the mind, one in the front, another in the back. Because no one can love a certain person anymore. And there is no question of loyalty. I have heard that God gives as much as he or she deserves.

But it is true, no matter what name you call Allah, God, Jesus, He does not deceive anyone, today or tomorrow, He gives an account of all.

May all the faithless people of the world be well, may all be well.

Even if it's not good, at least let the happy people act and survive. Survival is important, it's much more important.

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Written by   213
2 years ago
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