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Bitter Truth

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2 years ago

"Whoever wants to leave once and come back again, no matter how much love and madness he brings, Don't know why he doesn't feel as close as before !!

The new man feels as close to you as the old man does not feel as close to you as the new man ... Even though everything is fine with the man, I don't know why it seems that the man is back, but the man we knew before is not back !!

Once upon a time there was a feeling of restlessness, now there is no feeling of restlessness ... Whose arrogance felt like madness, now he feels more annoyed ... When she cried she felt helpless, now there is no feeling ... Anyway, now her smile no longer catches his eye !!

It is not difficult to make a stranger your own ... gradually it becomes yours for a while ... but when a very familiar person comes back with an unfamiliar look, he can no longer be made his own even if he wants to ... the man is known by sight but some sights Remains unknown !!

The biggest helpless moment in the world seems to be when the familiar person seems unfamiliar ... It seems so unfamiliar sometimes it seems that before everything could be said without hesitation, now he has to think and measure a lot !!

The one who can leave once will be able to leave again and again . The right person never leaves . Even if he finds a good and right direction, he stays . He tries his best to stay. Only the wrong person leaves . And the wrong person no matter how good he becomes, No matter what he tries, he is the wrong person !!

People who want to come back should never be accepted . You can be good with a new person, but you can't be good with an old person who comes back . There is love with a new person . But there is only man with a person who comes back, there is a lot of love .It's over !! "

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Written by   213
2 years ago
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