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Zapit: SLP wallet with the friendliest end user interface

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2 years ago

I would like to share on the background and highly advanced utility features of Zapit project in this article.


What is Zapit?

Zapit is a Bitcoin Cash/SLP wallet with p2p services powered by a non-custodial escrow.

Zapit stands for Simple Ledger Protocol, this a network of cryptocurrencies linked to Bitcoin Cash.

Zapit wallet has one of the friendliest user interface feature. This is something important for us, end users because most of us tend to user friendly end user interface software.

Where can you get Zapit wallet?

 You can download it on Google App. It works perfectly fine for mobile devices which run on Android.

How does Zapit work?

Zapit is primarily focused on payments and we are utilizing SLP tokens for rewarding users to promote using Zapit in their day-to-day payments.

ZAPT is a SLP token issued by us as rewards to users for Referrals, Payment Partnership, UPI Payment Rewards, CoinSwap, Bounties and more...

They offer services that allow users to top-up their wallet or withdraw funds back to their account using our p2p service and the funds are secured in a non-custodial escrow during the exchange. We incentivize users to provide p2p liquidity on Zapit by sharing 50% of the order fees with what we call Payment Partners, any Zapit user can become a payment partner. Payment Partners also receive up to 1000 ZAPT tokens per week in each country.

Zapit counts on  UPI Payment Rewards (only for India) which rewards users a random amount of a random featured token for every single transaction for using Zapit to make payments to merchants/friends or family.

Their featured tokens are Renewable Cash – RNEW or Insta Crypto.


Zapit offers SLP wallet for 3 kinds of tokens:


  • Featured Tokens – RNEW, INC, etc.

  • Verified Tokens – RFND

  • Unverified Tokens


Zapit came up also with  Premium Services that can be accessed by making a one-time payment with our native token - ZAPT, thus giving more utility for the token.

The first premium feature that we launched is a Coin Swap feature where users can swap between BCH and USDH using our integration within a minute to save from the volatility of the price of BCH.

There is being planned to use SLP tokens to provide discounts which is in development at the moment and lot more services planned to enhance the payment experience.

Zapit has much more planned to use SLP tokens to provide discounts which is in development at the moment and lot more services planned to enhance the payment experience.

Where can you get Zapit?

Zapit is one of the token with one of the highest market cap on SLP token marketplace.

Currently Zapit is being traded on as of 31,000 satoshi of Bitcoin Cash per ZAPT.

31,000 BCH sat = 0.00031 BCH = 0.066 USD (at current rate of 213 USD per BCH).

But sometimes you have to up to 0.00045 BCH if you want to get it.

Zapit’s total monetary supply is 999,996,214 ZAPT.

 The value of this SLP cryptocurrency has increased in the last 30 days almost 10 times.

Zapit has a referral program for users which rewards them with their native token.

Zapit’s new Divided Tool

Zapit has launched there update.

Their dividend tool is highly customizable and automated. SLP projects or BCH community can opt for BCH or SLP dividends.

You can set up there the following features:

-      Maximum/Minimum Token Balance

-      Manage every single token address

-      Exclude/Include specific token address

-      Choose format – Dividend/Airdrop

-      No complexity involved.


Current options in other SLP/BCH wallet don’t have many ways to customize the airdrop/dividends such as Zapt.

This week Zapt hosts an airdrop party for 7 SLP Tokens:

Every SLP community will be receiving their corresponding airdrop:

RNEW (Monday) – Every holder with over 5,000 RNEW received 25 ZAPT = 0.0075 BCH = 1.59 USD.

There is a calendar for other ZAPT airdrops:

INC – Tuesday, Sour – Wednesday, RFND – Thursday, DV – Friday, VENT – Saturday and ZAPT on Sunday.

Holders of these SLP tokens are looking forward for all this airdrop and some SLP tokens have substantially increased their sales because of this.

RFND Investment considers that Zapit is a very solid project, with many utility features, high perspectives of growth and we are very thankful their team has provided us since we started in SLP community.

You can learn more on Zapit on:




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2 years ago
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This is great wallet

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2 years ago

Thanks crypto. I got reward from zapit of 25 zapit and that also boosts the price of Renew which almost doubled from 100 to 200 sats. RFND price has itself grew more than 20% itself and that is why I always prefer RFND over RENEW. Looking at way zapit has risen over the past couple of months and I wont be surprised to see RFND and RENEW follow..Thanks for the update...

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2 years ago