Giveaway of Arqui, RFND, Honk, BCH and 1UP is ON!

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3 years ago

The giveaway of BCH, SLP and 1UP token i son!

Rules to participate:

1) You need to be 100% Uptrenndian. In case you want to become an Uptrenndian, please join here:


To join is for free and you get rewarded to post, comment and share. 


2) You need to create your Simple Ledger Protocol Address. You have two options:

a) – in case you prefer you can store the tokens there, or sell them in token market

b) Badger wallet – a wallet that you can install as a plugin on Google Chromo or Firefox


3) You can learn how to use in this simple video which is located above. Remember to keep your username and password, if you lose them, you won’t be able to recover them.


4) Once you have the address, please send me your simple ledger addres (SLP) by chat in a private message. It’s better that not everybody sees your address to protect more your privacy. (don’t send me your SLP address in comments)

5) Once you send me the private message, then send me a  comment below this post:  I’m in.

Only if you sent me the simple ledger address, then I will donate you 18 1UP tokens to your comment.

6) Be patient it may take up to 24 hours to process this giveaway.


These giveaway is only for the first 500 early Uptrenndian birds, every person will receive the following:


0.1 Arqui

50,000 RFND 

30,000 Honk (is trading on Altilly and

15,000 satoshi = 0.00015 BCH

18 1UP. (is trading on Altilly, Idex, P2PB2B)


Estimated value of 0.18 USD at today’s exchange rates.


I am including 1UP tokens because they come from all my April earning to share them with my beloved community.


The process of doing this giveaway will start from April 22nd – 1:45 pm until I run out of all the resources for giveaway.

Regarding to RFND, on May 9th, there will be Bitcoin Cash back giveaway, so if you hold on your SLP address RFND you will receive your investment dividend in Bitcoin Cash deposit on your SLP address on that day, which will be pretty juicy one. You decide if you keep your tokens or you convert them into BCH. You can send all this BCH and convert it into other cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

If you wanna keep in touch with me, follow me on Twitter: 

@Cryptovato1 and @RfndToken

On the Twitter account of Refund Token you will be receiving frequent updates regarding to what we do at Refund because we believe in frequent communication with our holders.

If someone wants to buy any SLP token on, remember to have BCH funds, and click on Arqui, RFND, Honk or any other SLP token. However you should be also warned that prices of each token may go up or down, and may imply certain volatility in its price because of the recent world macroeconomic events.

I would like to thank Mariam for sponsoring our giveaway with Arqui token.

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3 years ago


Im in

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3 years ago

I know the giveaway has ended however any time you are running another one, please don't fail to reach me . Thanks for the information

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3 years ago