Never Stop Praying

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1 year ago

“pray without ceasing;”

‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:17‬ ‭RV1895‬‬

Such a simple and short verse. But like most biblical verses, it is packed with more meaning than it appears. But why should we keep on praying?

First and foremost to get more intimate with our Heavenly Father. This is verse important and it really never ends. We can never fully know the Father, but we can do our best to worship, praise, and thank Him for a never ending list of love.

No one’s life is free from problem. In fact, it can feel like working at a fast food restaurant. We are the only worker and there is a line of problems out the door demanding attention now. When we pray about problems, two things can happen. The problem get solved or it doesn’t.

Sometimes, the Lord works through us and our perception of the problem changes. Then the problem isn’t as bad as it was. Other times the problem still exists and we have to trust the Lord on it.

Praying can give energy and strength to us and our loved ones. It can also provide guidance. It can give us clarity. There are so many reasons to pray …..

Let’s pray unceasingly.

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I pray every day, it sure helps.

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