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Bitcoin Just Hit New All Time High

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1 month ago


Today was another historical day for the Crypto space and for Bitcoin, Bitcoin just broke its All Time High and is trading at over 66k in this moment.

What does this means for BTC?

It´s October and history tells us that the peak is still coming, meaning that BTC can go even higher after this ATH. Understand that we are talking about speculation here and things sometimes don´t go our way. If we go back in time to 2017, BTC traded higher in December and reached it´s peak.

Can BTC perhaps hit 100k $ by December?

It´s a possibility, a lot of investors are talking about this and it can happen, I didn´t expect BTC to hit an ATH in October but it did, nobody can know for sure that 100k $ will happen. I think to avoid this type of headache you need to stick to your investing strategy and don´t FOMO in.

Only invest what you are prepared to lose and you will be fine, even if the price dips from here, in the long term you will see much bigger prices and profits. BTC is scarce and it will always be, this alone makes the price move up as the years go.

I´m being a little pessimistic in here, but know that the market is super bullish and I´m bullish to on BTC and after that it´s AltSeason time so I´m pretty bullish in all the crypto market until the end of this year.

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I’m actually surprised and happy that bitcoin has reached it’s all time high That’s so amazing I guess this is the perfect time to sell All traders must be very happy right now😀😀

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1 month ago

It's a great achievement and now we are in unknown territory which is amazing 😀

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1 month ago