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The CryptoSorted community is a place to discover new and interesting projects, learn about crypto, earn crypto, and connect with like-minded crypto investors.

The best way to contribute to the community is to share your crypto knowledge, experience, opportunities, ideas, and strategies with other members to learn and benefit from.

And in case you think, you have nothing worth sharing (which is absolutely not true), then feel free to ask questions.

The best minds in crypto will be glad to provide you with answers that will help you make informed crypto investing decisions.

The most active contributors to the community growth and engagement will be rewarded weekly in CST as below.

Community reward systems

A total of 10,500 CST has been allocated to reward our most active and supportive community members.

Participate in any or all of the following community activities to earn your fair share of the CST rewards allocation.

1. Telegram group engagement reward

We will be rewarding the most active community members contributing meaningfully to the Telegram group engagement with 7 CST every week.

The team will monitor members activity throughout the week and select the most active and supportive member(s) for the weekly reward.

The number of recipients and reward amount will be adjusted as the group grows in membership and engagement.

2. Content developers rewards

  1. Create a unique and professional Infographic relevant to any post on the CryptoSorted blog and earn 25 CST for it if accepted.

  2. Create a professional video version of any post on the CryptoSorted blog and earn 50 CST for it if accepted.

  3. Write an original and high-quality article to be published on the CryptoSorted blog and earn 25 CST for it if accepted.

3. Ambassadors rewards

  1. We will be rewarding the most active posters in the CryptoSorted channel on with 7 CST every week. To qualify you must post at least once per day throughout the week. Posts on the channel must be about CryptoSorted, CST, or any article from the CryptoSorted blog. The reward amount will increase as the number of qualified posters in the channel increases.

  2. We will be rewarding the most active promoters of CryptoSorted and CST on with 7 CST every week. To qualify, make sure to use the hashtags  #CryptoSorted and #CST along with other relevant hashtags in your posts. The most popular post under each of the two hashtags will be picked for the reward. Feel free to submit as many posts as you can.

  3. Become a community admin responsible for promoting engagement and attracting new members into the CryptoSorted Telegram group and earn 7 CST weekly. You will be added to a private admins group with full access to the team and behind the scene plans. But only your impact will keep you there.

4. Special contribution rewards

500 CST will be reserved to reward those who go above and beyond to contribute to the success of CryptoSorted in ways outside of what's included in this programme.

Once the reward pool of 10,500 CST is exhausted, new reward systems will be put in place.


  • All participants must be active members of our Telegram group.

  • Infographics, articles, and video submissions must be of high quality and professional standards. We wouldn't accept or reward substandard and low effort content as we will be publishing and using them on our blog and relevant platforms.

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