I think Creating personal contest and making rules to subscribe profile is nothing short of buying subscriber. If Possible, run official contest so that contest will be authentic, credible, worthy for the tag 'Contest' (I mean 1 official running contest at a given time) and also simultaneously all users are participating. This is just my personal opinion it may be wrong so I stand to corrected it.

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@CryptoSmart posted 3 years ago


You mean like the contest I ran on request of @Read.Cash a contest to learn users to write better? The contest they sponsored? I won't do that again although two were planned for this year. It took me a week guidi ng, helping, reading, commenti ng. I upvoted and rewarded. If I do that again with bch I earned here I will be punished and so are those who join the contest. For sure they are the next upvote circle I started. 🙄

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3 years ago

No that's that not what i mean..

You have done a wonderful job and i really appreciate and thanks for your efforts to make it better.. What i mean is making rules to subscribe profile to participate in contest...is it ok to make rules to subscribe profile by creating contest? That's my question.

If one contest is running officially there will be only set of rules that will applied to all users. Not rules like follow my profile, forward this post link to another user etc..which will count as a point for eligibility...

Once again don't take it personally i have read your articles and you have put a lot of efforts and had work hard on the last contest and i thanks for it to you..

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3 years ago

No need to thank me for that it was my own choice to agree and do it.

I missed your question to answer it (it sounds a lot like Hive to do so): A contest is a contest and these restrictions should not be asked but it's clear why it is done. I see the same if it comes to sponsorships. "I give you a penny a month for a year and you pay me 5 or 10 dollars a month". I see it here and everywhere but what can you do about it? Read.cash doesn't mind but to me, it's a scam. If people choose to do so. It's a good reason for me not to join a contest. I do not care about followers who won't read me. I read a lot because I love to read but not per se those I follow. I click on the names of commenters underneath posts, read the homepage, etc.

If I host a contest on my own it's for anyone who likes to give it a try. I will support them, give the chance to practice, and just like last time more than one entry is allowed. While doing it you learn and improve and it's something worth being shown. To me it's not about liking me, liking you is winning but about the endresult.

I hope more will answer this question of yours. It will say a lot about the attitude of this platform and it's users. 🍀💕

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3 years ago

Upvoting groups are only about "thumbs up", you can never be in an upvoting group for paid upvotes.

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3 years ago