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Reasons Why Filipinos Are The Best Spreader Of Bitcoincash.

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2 months ago

Bitcoincash now is truly supported and been used by many Filipinos in some part of the Philippines. Usually those bloggers (writers), content creators and graphic artists. Yes Bitcoincash is not yet recognized in some parts of the country specially in the countrysides. But, as far as I know Bitcoincash is the first favorite cryptocurrency and mostly used by the Filipinos. I assured that!

So how Bitcoincash can easily adopt in Philippines? Well as you looking at the map, our country is belong in one of the smallest countries on earth but don't judge the book by its cover. There are a lot of factors why Bitcoincash can easily spread and adopt in Philippines.


Did you know that Philippines is the top country for spending most their time in internet? and been declared as social media capital of the world. The fact that Filipinos loves to browse and spend most their time in internet and still holding the crown til last year(2020).

How The Title of the Philippines can use for Bitcoincash adoptation?

This can be the better way for introduce Bitcoincash by simple using the number of internet active users as asset to introduce how Bitcoincash works and what Bitcoincash is. The fact that each Filipino individual has 2-3 devices that they:'re using for internet browsing purposes (social media interaction, entertainment, communication).


This is the greatest asset of the Filipinos. Internet is the main weapon of Filipinos to make everything to trend. Due to being active in internet every information posted in internet whether outside or far from the country, Filipinos can easily seen these things. They can easily spread and make this trending in just short period of time.

The example here is when lyka app(if you familiar about this one) is been posted by one of its users. This post gained shares and reactions and gained more users due to that promotion. In short Filipinos can easily put Bitcoincash to the top believe me!


Filipinos are really smart to be honest. As you can see there are a lot of writers here in that can write high quality contents when it comes to finance and cryptocurrency topics. Filipinos can easily understand every new things they have encountered. That means, introducing Bitcoincash to them is easier with some proper guides. Well this is too easy for them since Bitcoincash is too easy to understand.


We all know that Bitcoincash can be use for earnings and making profits aside from its special features. Filipinos also loves to do trade, sell and buy cryptos too. Well this can be better if it is applied in some other Filipinos people too. The fact there are some Filipinos who are now successful because of cryptocurrencies.

In investing , taking the risk or the consequences of your decision is important. Well, Filipinos really loved taking risks. They have no doubt and fear to try new things.


Philippines is also known for home of singers. Being champions in every outside of the country contests. That means, each Filipino people has the capacity to do everything. Introducing Bitcoincash , trading strategies, how Bitcoincash works, How Bitcoincash good is? is too easy.


Philippines can be the center for Bitcoincash promotion and adoptation but there are a lot of things we should prepare to make this happen.


Of course things can't be easily recognized if there is no actual things to see. I mean would you dare to promote inexistent thing? invisible things? well that can't be work. Aside from it, promoter is the most important. The thing we are going to promote and place is ready. We only need is the promoter.

Even there are a lot of promoter there in internet, 1 or 2 is not enough. There is no such strong rebel can defeat battalion of soldier. Thats too deep lol. I think this articles of mine can help 5Simple Ways To Promote Bitcoincash In Facebook, Bitcoincash As Prizepool Alternative For Esports Tournament.


As you can observed in some new launching blockchain projects, they are offering free tokens or do referral programs as their strategy to gain for users and supporters. In this method Bitcoincash can easily recognized. Now look how gained users with Bitcoincash rewards for its writers. This a great example for it.


There are a lot of good things can happen if our community gained the interests of the Business owners of the Philippines(business owner of malls, groceries, books stores etc). Just imagine purchasing our needs using just our Bitcoincash funds to pay. We don't need to bring cash and that can become advantage to us to avoid snatching. Since Filipinos loves to try new things, this will going to be effective. Well atleast business owners applied Bitcoincash as second option as mode of payment. That can be a good start for Bitcoincash to be use for purchasing things.

Since Philippines has Gcash and Paymaya, these e-wallets can be use for pay bills. Stores are accepting it as mode of payment. Adding Bitcoincash to these wallets is what we need. And who knows maybe someday they will try cryptocurrecies to add as their feature like


Maybe you are asking why we need to promote Bitcoincash? Can we rewarded doing that? Yes of course! it really gives benefits to us.

Like we don't need to convert our fiat in able to use it.

  • We can buy in stores using our Bitcoincash funds.

  • It makes every transactions faster to avoid long queues that totally consumed our time.

  • We don' t have to store our funds in banks to earn interests from it. Blockchain wallets, exchangers offers interest for your funds.

  • Your money is safe. E wallets can't be easily access by anyone. These wallets are created with different strong securities.


This things can be achieved if we work for it. Bitcoincash has it all, waiting to be recognized. Loading its bullets for the upcoming war.

Anyways these are just my opinion and hoping that you gained ideas from it. Thank you for reading💚

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Written by   114
2 months ago
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Congratulations Filipinos, you're nice writers. I just havea problem, ramdom rewards not coming to my posts...

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2 months ago

Just continue to write. Don't give up💚

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