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5 Simple Ways To Promote Bitcoincash In Facebook!

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There is a lot of ways for us to introduce and spread Bitcoincash in every part of the internet. The fact that internet is broad and people are always there to communicate, entertaining themselves, looking for love, browsing their SocMed(Social Media) accounts and many more. Speaking of socmed, this platforms were the most used tool for spreading awareness of one thing. In fact, investors, companies, big organizations, corporation uses them to spread news and updates about them.

Social media can be the center of all of these specifically facebook as the most popular and most used social media platforms. Facebook currently has 2.8 billion active users per month. The fact that, Facebook is continuously gaining popularity year by year due to its consistency and the number of population.

Famous and beginner companies are using it too for their promotion and marketing strategies. That means, our solid Bitcoincash supporters and promoters can used it too for Bitcoincash spreading. A lot of Bitcoincash enthusiast, traders and investors already has these ideas and the fact that some of them are already done it. But there are some new born Bitcoincash promoters like me who wants to spread how powerful bitcoincash is too. At least this article gives you some ideas on how we can spread and make noise about Bitcoincash through social media specifically in Facebook.

How To Promote Bitcoincash In Facebook?

1 Promote It Through Creating Facebook Page

Facebook has the feature to make your desire Facebook page whether it is personal or business page. That means you can create your personal page other than you real account. Creating facebook is another powerful tool for spreading Bitcoincash in way of posting about it. This post can reach many people around the Facebook communities using boosts option. That means , Bitcoincash can easily recognized through this method.


Creating facebook page also needs visitors and followers in able to gain views of your contents. But you can rent others Facebook page with a great number of followers if you want fast promotion.

2 Spread It Through Facebook Groups

Thousand of groups are in Facebook. These groups has different communties(Anime Groups, Kpop Groups, Vloggers and some of them are cryptocurrency groups) Facebook groups can be the best way also too spread Bitcoincash. Creating group together with the co-Bitcoincash supporters is powerful way of spreading how Bitcoincash powerful is. These groups can gain more members through sharing of contents by members to their feeds.

3 Share It To Your Feed

Based on survey, each facebook users has more than 2 personal accounts. Each accounts has maximum of 5000 friends. Spreading Bitcoincash using your feeds really helps it to be easily recognized. Just be ready to their endless questions about it.

4 Spread It Using Group Chats

Another way to communicate and promote Bitcoincash is through Group Chats. Facebook is allowing its users to create and joined hundreds of group chats. Giving them the overview about Bitcoincash can be lead them to ask about it. The good thing about group chat Bitcoincash promotion method is you can talk to them using voice or video call if dont really understand what Bitcoincash is.

5 Promote It Using Personal Message

Privacy is important indeed. If the 4 method above are too hard for you, you can use the last option to promote Bitcoincash to them. Messaging them personally is a better thing to do for you to explain it with details and properly.

Maybe you may be ask why we need to promote Bitcoincash. What is the purpose of it? Is our efforts promoting it can gives us benefits? The answer is 100% yes. So why we promote Bitcoincash?

Bitcoincash is the best alternative digital currency that may handle transactions that can be used in our daily life. Just imagine purchasing books in bookstores using your Bitcoincash wallet instead of your dollars and coins. Bitcoincash can replace this using its conviniencies and efficiencies. It doesnt need hand to hand transactions. The transactions speed is almost the same when you handling your money from your pocket to the cashier.

So who are we going to tell about Bitcoincash?

It's basically those people that gives interest about it. They can be your future partner in promoting Bitcoincash to others if you get them believed.

Markets and Stores

Since all we want is too use Bitcoincash in our everyday life, stores and markets are should the right place to promote Bitcoincash. Letting us use the Bitcoincash for purchasing products from them is the goal for the promotion.


These group of people shall know how Bitcoincash good is. Institution like schools can be the one who should use Bitcoincash as alternative for their turtle-like transactions.

There are so many amazing things of Bitcoincash can do. Bitcoincash has it all, Bitcoincash is preparing to be launched!

Thank you for reading!.

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Written by   247
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