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My Bestfriend's Reaction Receiving Bitcoincash For the First Time

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3 months ago

Human acts and gesture are truly one of the mysterious yet very obvious kind of thing since when we were created and knows to learn things. One of this will be how we handle feelings everytime when someone confessed to us or vice versa,  receiving our schools grades with high or poor marks and receiving gifts to others. Our movements and gestures cant be predicted. We having uncontrolled reactions mentally and physically like our body is moving on its own. Shouting, hugging someone, laughing can be 3 of the common thing to express those feelings.

Did someone gave something important to you? Expensive things? How about unusual things for your birthday? How can you react? Well in this short story , I’m going share the reaction of my bestfriend when I gifted him important thing that he don’t know since he born HAHA. At my first post 4 days ago Bitcoincash As My Birthday Gift For My Bestfriends,  Ive already prepared all necessary things before his birthday last January 22, 2021 as if it his debut party for turning 21. wallet(for converting Bitcoincash to Php or Philippines Peso), wallet to receive my gift for him. So , I know someone questioned how about sending directly to since it has a capacity of receiving Bitcoincash? Well, sending from wallet to took 5 hours or more before it receives bitcoincash from outside wallets. My purposed for this is to surprise him instantly with the amount Im going to give to him for generating shareable links with the amount.

So back to the story, January 22, 2021 the day of his birthday. I’ve sent my gifts to him one by one that’s 2 shareable links in total with $10 worth of Bitcoincash each a total of $20. That’s Php1,000 if we converting it to our local currency based on the Bitcoincash price. That’s enough for him to buy skin for his hero in mobile legends lol. That’s small amount atleast gifts from heart and your effort is more important than the expensive one.

January 22, 2021 12am in the midnight when I’ve sent him my gift ‘cause I wasn’t able to attend his birthday due to Covid -19 and limited people who can attend his celebration. I just told him to left foods for me HAHAHA. Anyways, I ‘ve just greeted him with just simple “Happy Birthday” and ask if he ready to receive his birthday gift from me.  Ofcourse, it takes minutes before he replied, I know he is playing Mobile Legends but I have to send my gifts anyway lol (See his replies below)


Me: Hi Hayop happy Birthday, are you ready?     

Him: Hayop, I’m playing. What is it?

Me: My surprise to you MF*

Him:Hayop! Yes ofcourse!

Me: You already installed   and registred on what I have told you?

Him: Yes! Tell  it to me now. Make it faster Hayop!.

Trivia: Hayop means animal and of the  unusual call signs here in Philippines.  There are many of them including pangit(ugly), Unggoy(monkey) etc... That’s too normal calling each other above the callsigns especially  when you were bestfriends.

As you can see he is really excited to my surprise and it looks like my plan is working.:) Next conversation This time I’ve sent the first shareable link worth $10 bitcoincash(See the screenshot below)

Me: link sent* Click the link and you will find out HAHAHA.

Him: Clicked* Wtf? Wow $10 HAHAHA. How it is?

(In this time I know he is too happy about what he received, how about sending the   second link?) HAHAHA

Me: Here’s another one *link sent*

Him: What? Another one? You are too generous today huh? Hayop! Thank you very much. But how to use this BCH? What is this?

(Plan successfully achieved. His curiosities triggered and finally he asked what is that thing. As what I’ve told , Bitcoincash is really new to him.  Introducing on its debut or age of 21 is another achievement for me. Imagine  for his long existence in this world, he discovered amazing thing from. Introducing Bitcoincash to him, making him ask about it, and how to use it are successfully achieved  according to plan. Nice move for me HAHAHA)

After he received it all, we’re make video calls to explain to him what is Bitcoincash,  where I discovered it  , How to use and trade it and all things I have known about Bitcoincash. Now its depend on him what his next decision  after knowing Bitcoincash after knowing it. Well, my bestfriend is ” inggetero” what I have known, he  should  known it too. XD

How about you? How do you discovered Bitcoincash? Do you sharing to your friend? What was the first new thing you have received in your entire life? Share to the comment section.

#ShareBitcoincash #FlyhighBitcoincash #BCHfortheWin

Thank you for reading!


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Written by   136
3 months ago
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Ahahaha natatawa ako sa convo nyo 😂😂, at saka friend mo pala yan viral yan sya sa fb ee haha. Pero lucky mg bf mo sau ha, namimigay ka kasi sana all naman 😂

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3 months ago

Mahilig yan sa memes dear😂 hahahaha. Lakas din kasi yan magbigay kya binabalik lang😂

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3 months ago

Ay kaya pala, ganyan dapat ang friendship ano. Ay why not invite her in

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3 months ago