Knowing Cryptocurrencies Makes Us Weirdo.

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2 years ago

Cryptocurrencies are too way complex, mysterious and unique sometimes that makes us questioned how these things made by also creature like us. Cryptocurrency's concepts are truly brilliant that has capabilities to make a purpose both virtual and real world.

I must say that the people who has the creative and conceptualized mind who created them successfully formed a group of people with the same visions , the same mindsets and the same wants and these are those people who discovered cryptocurrencies.

We/I just can't imagine that internet and virtual world can bring impact to us living in the real world. That's how it can affect and how the virtual world make changes that can be applied in real world.

Now let's to back to main point about cryptocurrencies that for me, it can make us strange, unique and can be weirdos compare to other people. According to what I have read, only 1% of people in the world knows cryptocurrencies. When the time passes by this small percentage will surely increase due to the fact that cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin Cash and BTC topics and popularities are getting spread in every corner of the world.

Could you imagine? there are 7,794,798,739 people in the world and you were belong in the gifted group of people who knows cryptocurrencies?. That's how lucky we are.

Life Share.

Since my senior high school days, I've been attached to cryptocurrencies topics. I really love to read weird topics like aliens, Bermuda triangle and been curious about article saying that cryptocurrencies will be the one world currency in the future because of the popularity of Bitcoin BTC before. So, this really affect me and made me believed due to their catchy words and perfection execution of their article's content.

So yes , people say "curiousity can kill you". This is 100% true. Due to this, I become obsessed with Bitcoin BTC before. I don't care about the hodlings, I don't know about tradings (even today lol), profits and digital currencies. All I want to know was how this cryptos make changes in our world, how it can be used and how can affect individuals. The fact that I've made as my case study during my first year in college.

Things In Cryptocurrencies That Can Make Us Weirdo Or Different

Knowing Cryptocurrencies is like we discovered the existence of aliens

As what I have mentioned above, only 1% of the people in a whole population of the world only knows cryptocurrencies. So it's a grateful things to discover cryptocurrencies. Could you imagine? We are so lucky to know that they are things like this existed in the internet that has the potential to change one's life. Opps speaking of life changing, I forgot that there now millionaires of cryptocurrencies. Just like him↓



Can Give Us otherworldly Vocabulary

Cryptocurrencies is not just unique and or different because it's existence. They are also came with their own vocabularies that makes people questioned where these words came from.

The best example is the word "cryptocurrency", "hodl","Hard/soft fork", "Blockchain" and many more. Cryptocurrencies are proving themselves that their existence is unique and too different that can make you puzzled and shocked at the same time.

Can Teach Us How To Use Our Initiative Wisely

Cryptocurrencies has a huge impact to our way of thinking. It really improve our decision making. For instance, why rely on banking if there is currencies that can give us the financial freedom and return of interest the same as the banking system? Why make small profits in real world if you can do it too in your finger tip? These things makes us different through creating alternative but effective ways when making decisions.

We Have Unique Topics To Discuss

People who are conscioused in cryptocurrencies always become different or weird to those group of people who are not yet familiar about cryptocurrencies. The same as the outworldly vocabulary, we have different topic to discussed with while using those unique words.

We are using Communication Apps That Normal People Won't Usually Use

Normal people are using Facebook messenger, Facebook app and lite version, Instagram app and Twitter. Cryptocurrencies awared people loves to use Telegram , Discord, and Reddit app for Communication and posting updates.

People don't use application like Telegram. Maybe they don't know yet how this app important is. Also normal people don't even know that this applications exist. The same as Telegram, Reddit app also is belong to it, normal people don't really know how important these mobile or web applications are.

Cryptocurrencies-awared people are too expert on how use them. And that's make them unique and different compare to normal people.

The Acronyms and Abbreviations are indeed extraordinary

I can confidently say the acronyms and abbreviations like PoS, PoW, SegWit, DPoS and many more can break dictionaries and grammarians dignity XD. I just laughed hardly that even Google and other search engine are having hard time to find some of the meaning of these before but it seems like they are now awared of it.

We Have Created Our Own Fandom War- War Of Weirdos

Korean fandom and anime fandom for instance has not just the thing called fandom war. Cryptocurrencies words has also secret war also. Let's don't deny to ourselves that we are very triggered if some throw some hates to our favourite coins especially Bitcoin Cash.

Entering this kind of war between fandom is a struggle due to the fact that every sides has the capacity to use those deep words, chart evidences, those technical terms that makes us unique compare to other fandom war.

Lastly, It Can Connect Us To Those People Who Has The Same Vibe Like Us

Usually group of people that are conscious in Cryptocurrencies are the same with mindsets, attitude and wants and life. So basically, Cryptocurrencies can connect those people that has similarities like group of introvert peope, group of business minded people and smart people.

Closing Thoughts

Even we are from different countries, colors and nationalities, we are connected to each other because of cryptocurrencies. Being weird isn't bad at all. We are just unique and different💚

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Conceptualized Two Faces Coins Bitcoin Cash

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2 years ago


Ako po newbie palang po ako sa crypto but I really want to know more about it. Ang nalaman ko lang na words dito po ay Hodl and buy and sell pa lang. 😂😂I remember noong highschool ako may isa akong kaklase na lalake, tinanong nya ako about bitcoin kung may alam ba raw ako sa mga ganyan. Tapos sabi ko wala. Tas now ko lang naremember na ito pala tinutokoy nya.

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2 years ago

Me too newbie rin sa mga bagay na ganito. Ang mahalaga eh at least nalaman nating may mga bagay pala na ganito🤗

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2 years ago

100% agree 😆. I tried putting my crypto earnings on my social media accounts and my friends started to swarm my messenger. After explaining it to them, I can say that base on their messages they are not interested at all. Sinabihan pa nga ako ng kaibigan ko na 'iba daw talaga pag matalino 😭.

Btw, bigla lang pumasok sa isip ko, what if si Satoshi Nakamoto, father of Bitcoin, ay isa palang alien? 🤯. Kaya hindi sya nagpapakilala kasi sobrang magagambala ang sangkatauhan 😆. Kasi nga tulad ng nabanggit mo, napaka brilliant ng taong nasa likod ng crypto. Like sa conspiracy about sa pyramids, napaka advance mg technology na ginamit sa paggawa ng structure na yon eh knowing na wala namang nag eexist na ganung ka-complicated na bagay nung sinaunang araw

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2 years ago

Haha see. Kakaiba talaga Tayo (medyo mayabang man pakinggan haha). Ang mas malala Kasi is akala nila eh iniiscam sila everytime na gusto natin sila ipasok sa mundo natin🤣

And about diyan kayo Satoshi, Hindi natin alam if they are group or individual pero sobrang talino talaga nila. Pasalamat tayo dahil nagcreate domino effect ginawa nila kaya nagsipagsulputan ibang cryptos. Pero I think may pagkaweird din siguro itong si Satoshi Nakamoto😆

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2 years ago


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2 years ago

I agree with the list! In our place, I think I'm the only one who knows crypto😆 or maybe some of them knew it but they are not investing or using it! Still proud that somehow, I know crypto.

Edit: They are even asking me “for real? You bought that picture?” (referring to my NFTs hahaha

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2 years ago

They can't believed that those pictures are worth $10 each or more🤣

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2 years ago

Yes hahaha maybe they are thinking that I am crazy😆

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2 years ago

Yeah whenever I was looking at the chart outside I feel like everybody is judging me. Hahaha! When I tell story to my friends they just look at me with weird glances. Idk why I like internet so much and it gives me something to earn too. My friend the one I shared with these things say that I am weird believing into these but its cool. I just have to get things done, share ideas and learn more about these digital assets, and I am earning! And its the current trend I would not want to miss! Haha. She says why do I buy nfts haha but that is coooool artttsss!

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2 years ago

Wahaha just like when I share my NFT list to my classmates and they don't don't believe that those simple images has values🤭😂

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2 years ago