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How About Informing Tiktok About BitcoinCash?

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2 days ago

Tiktok is currently the top social media platform with millions of active users and still gaining more new users everyday. Tiktok is the place where you can share your ideas and creativity, promote business, share your content with and make friends with other people.

Upon browsing Tiktok page, you can see different videos from different creators. It's either anime edits, inspirational, scary videos, funny vlogs and many more. The best thing is, some are making cryptocurrency contents for their favourite tokens and coins. Proving that cryptocurrency content is still accepted in the platform.

In that case, why not taking this advantage to share content about BitcoinCash in Tiktok too? Though there are already BitcoinCash content creator there,as what the quote said, the more , the merrier. More shillers and supporters, more exposure for BitcoinCash.

CryptoManiac: My Tiktok Profile

Early this month, I started to create tiktok account intentionally created for BitcoinCash. The problem is, I don't have any idea on what content I should produce for my profile. Should I introduce BitcoinCash there in a basic way? Should I make slides about it? that's kinda boring though.

Good thing, BitcoinCash2022 started this month. And another thing, a BitcoinCash enthusiast (Mr.Vlad held a twitter event where everyone can join by posting BitcoinCash2022 content on Tiktok. Probably my sign to start posting BitcoinCash content on Tiktok. So there we have it!.

Currently, my tiktok account has 8 BitcoinCash videos. I started to post my created video ad for Which can be watch here. And the rest are BitcoinCash2022 theme contents. My videos are now having good views. Not a bad start for a new account and uncommon kind of topic in the platform.

My BitcoinCash Tiktok Videos+ Number of Views

Dang! I think it's not a good idea to confidently share a starter tiktok account but there we have it. Just want to share my kind of content from there to here xD.

Video#1: Noise.App Video Ad

This video was already posted to YouTube and Twitter. Of course, things are incomplete without uploading on the bigger platform. video ad was voluntarily created by yours truly to introduce platform through advertisement style video. You can watch the video below:

Video#2: BitcoinCas2022 Vid.1


The shortest video showing the interview image from the BitcoinCash2022 conference featuring Mr. Rogerver.

Watch it here: Video1

Video#3: BitcoinCash2022 Vid.2


Probably my best for me. And this one is my entry on Mr. Vlad's contest. The video shows the Minister of St. Kitt official announcement for possibly making BitcoinCash a legal tender by 2023.

Watch it here (Video2)and wait until the end.

Video#4: BitcoinCash2022 Vid.3


A short video portraying the dominance of BitcoinCash.

Watch it here: Video3

Video#5 BitcoiCash2022 Vid.4


Another short video portraying the proudness of BitcoinCash to possibly become a legal tender by 2023

Watch it here: Video4

Video#6: BitcoinCash Song


Have you heard the BitcoinCash song by Lil Windex? You can be these cute creature if you listen to it. It's a fire kind of song!

Watch it here: Video5

Video#7: Bitcoin Vs. BitcoinCash


A video showing the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoincash while making transactions. It really visualized each transactions through chibi-like creatures by Txstreet.

Watch it here: Video6

Video#8: Top 3 BitcoinCash wallet


A tiktok video shows the best 3 non-custodial wallet for BitcoinCash.

Watch it here: Video7

Bottom Lines

And there we have it. Please note that all the materials and clips are usually gathered from other clips. My part was to only put spice by putting transitions, texts and effect to make more good to watch.

BitcoinCash is getting stronger and now getting more recognition. Let's give more exposure to the coin of freedom by introducing it to the biggest video sharing platform. We may not can get likes or thousands views, giving them ideas about the existence of BitcoinCash through there "For You Page" is more important.

Do you have Tiktok too? You can drop yours too in the comment section.

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Written by   246
2 days ago
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BCH is going places

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1 day ago

I just followed you :) I hope I can promote and too. I have the same username in Tiktok too.

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1 day ago

Nice one, it's nice to promote bitcoin cash on tiktok, because lots of people browse on that platform day by day. It can help them to know about bch.

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1 day ago

Once u do tiktok then promote bitcoincash and many people see to it, its a good sign and one of them will join, a nice as well to be spreading awareness of bitcoincash

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1 day ago

Wow! You are very good at advertising. I don't know if you are the user I saw before who wrote about the ad he made for noise. cash

Anyway. This is a great opportunity to get more people to join Actually, I also wanted to make videos on TikTok as well as promote before but I'm not good at advertising.

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2 days ago

Wow! You noticed that?. I've made for too and created another one for Anyways, you should try to make some. You can do it!

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2 days ago