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Cardava Banana And its benefits (Saging na saba)

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2 years ago

Saging na Saba or Cardava bananas are very common throughout the Philippines and there are also other places. The saging na saba is very important to the Filipinos because you can use them a lot. Today, I will tell you what is benifit, how to cook and what is the use of bananas in the life of the Filipino.

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Health Benifits of Cardava Banana

We all know that bananas are rich in potassium, fiber, and natural sugars. cardava bananas or โ€˜saging na sabaโ€™ contain the highest amount of nutrients our body needs compared to other types of bananas.

1. Regulate blood circulation. As they are rich in potassium, cardava bananas help ease blood circulation in the body, reducing the risk of strokes, and regulating blood pressure and heartbeat.

2. They solve constipation problems, because cardava bananas are rich in fiber.

3. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals, which can help you regain your energy.

4. They help remove your hangover.

5. They reduce acidity in the body, helping cure you of ulcers.

6. Cardava bananas contain vitamin B which helps reduce nicotine in the body, enabling you to more easily quit smoking.7. For women, they minimize menstrual pains and regulate overall moods due to its vitamin B6 content.

8. The cardava bananasโ€™ calming properties help pregnant women combat their morning sickness.

9. They also help regulate pregnant womenโ€™s temperature.

10. They replenish the body and restore a healthy blood glucose level.

11. They get rid of heartburn.

12. Instead of drinking caffeinated drinks or eating a sugary snack, cardava bananas provide energy that lasts longer.

Uses of Cardava Banana

You probably also know that Its banana fruit is used in various cooking.

The banana heart is used in various dishes such as the '' kilawin banana heart, Ginataan banana heart, Adobo banana heart and banana heart tortilla '' and all those delicious.

Banana leaves are used as a food wrap or snack and it also has many medicinal benefits to our body. used as an herbal medicine for various ailments. Also as a beauty remedy it contains important ingredients such as polyphenois an antioxcidant, protein and allantoin which are beneficial to the body.

The body of the banana can also be used for cooking, especially the banana core, it is delicious to cook the banana core. which can be seen inside the banana cardava and the banana peel is put in the chicken and that dish is very tasty.

And at home because we have a lot of bananas when it floods we do it like a boat, four or six banana trees are needed to float in the water and to be able to ride four people.

And the banana tree when near death can also put the dead banana on the wound.

Different Coocked of Cardava Banana

First, I will teach you how to cook my favorite barbe cue banana which is one of my favorite cooked bananas because we often snack it in the afternoon and sometimes I cook.

Barbe Cue

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6 pieces saging na saba Asian plantains

2 cups brown sugar

4 cups cooking oil

Instruction :

*Heat a cooking pot then pour-in cooking oil.

*When the oil becomes hot, deep fry the bananas for 2 minutes.

*Gradually put-in the brown sugar, adjust the heat to medium-low and continue cooking until the melted brown sugar coats the bananas. Note: (Gently stir the bananas so that it can get coated with melted brown sugar easily.)

*Remove the cooked bananas one by one and immediately skewer using a bamboo skewer. (2 pieces per skewer is recommended.)

*Let cool then serve with cold soda enjoy!

Banana Pancake or Combo

(Photo from google) We also buy it outdoors.

Banana pancake, Combo or Maruyangsaging - are mashed or Sliced thin the banana, Coated withflour, fried and dashed wish with Sugar.

Wrapped Banana or Turon

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Wrapped Banana or Turon - bananas are peeled, slice thin, wrapped in rice lumpia wrapper and deep fried. Jackfruit can also be added in between sliced bananas before wrapping. Turon tastes better with jack fruit ๐Ÿงก

Caramelized Banana

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Caramelized banana or minatamis na saging - Bananas are peeled and coocked with a mixture of water and Brown Sugar until bananas are done and the sugar thickened.

Banana Con hielo -

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Instead of corn Caramelized bananas are mixed with shaved ice and milk.

Lots more cooked bananas. such as roasted bananas, soak in water with skin, fry without sugar, Suam na saging , Banana Chips, pinay pay bananas. Bananas are also placed in Adobo and potchero.

  • You can also plant a banana tree in your house because it is easy to grow as long as you plant it in the heat.

Maria Y. Orosa (1893 - 1945) also invented Banana Ketchup in saba na saging or Cardava banana and until now there is still Banana ketchup in the Philippines and many others in other countries.

That is the banana we can be proud of in the Philippines , Enjoy Reading. ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™

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Written by ย ย 342
2 years ago
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