Not All Jokes are Funny

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Do you agree with the sayings that "Some jokes are half meant true" . If you ask me, my answer is YES. Let me explain why so there are things that are not even funny but others make jokes about it. A kind of joke is that below the belt and might be a person feel offended.

They are types of jokes that are funny, that make you laugh like those funny videos that you watch and funny jokes that you read. I remember my classmate in high school bought a book that it's all about funny jokes. When I read the book, I laughed a lot. Some awkward situation that makes us laugh too.

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The other type of joke is not funny because it is hurtful. Instead of laughing, you will be hurt by what you hear, you will be hurt by reality. Some jokes are below the belt I experienced that too. I asked myself why they are making fun of me? it's because I'm chubby, I'm quiet and I'm dumb sometimes.

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A joke that make me offend, and I don't know how to react so I just stay quiet. I don't have strength to confront, and to speak it up. Sometimes I have strength, I asked the person if that was funny?He/She said it is just a joke, don't feel bad about it and don't be a kill joy "Ang Kill joy mu naman, joke lang, hindi na mabiro".

I admit that I'm a soft person or, I'm sensitive, small things make me offend and easily hurt. It sounds OA but that is true. I laughed at your jokes but deep inside I'm offended I was hurt. Sometimes I think that maybe the jokes told to me with sarcasm are true.

Some people can't tell directly, they just joke about what they want to say like "Pautang naman dyan joke lang hehe", "Uy Crush kita charr joke lang " maybe they're just embarrassed, or maybe through jokes they want to know what the reaction will be if it's taken seriously or not.

End thoughts

Sometimes we laugh at tense jokes. Laughing at jokes make us happy sabi nga nila diba madali mag pa iyak pero mahirap magpatawa o magpasaya. I just want to say that the joke has a limitation and does not go beyond it. That the joke has become teasing, a joke that has become sarcasm, and a joke that hurts the feelings of others. Let's consider the feelings of others too.

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Also, put it in the right place when you are joking just like during a serious discussion or maybe during class with your teachers and most of all to the person who is too sensitive.

Not all jokes are funny, some are offensive!

My article are my opinion only, I write from my heart and from my experience. Thank you for reading my article.♡♡

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