My seatmate in grade 4

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It is heartbreaking to see the person who has been a part of your life struggling. The person who became close to you and became a friend. With thousands of people in the world, I never thought I would meet a friend like you.

I met you back in my elementary days. We became classmates in grade 4. You were ahead of me, but you stopped studying for a year, so we became classmates in grade 4. At that young age, I see that you are responsible because you are the one our teacher always instructs and she has a lot of trust in you. You are responsible, kind, friendly, and jolly, so you have many friends.

Your friends and classmates call you "Ding Dong." That is your nickname, like the chichirya and the doorbell, whose sound is ding dong. But what I call you is your first name, Delmer. I'm not comfortable calling you by your nickname because we weren't that close at that time.

You go to school early because you are assigned to bring the key. You open the classroom, and I catch you mopping the floor, sweeping, or carrying our teacher's bag and books. In the classroom, you are a role model, and our teacher will give you instructions, and then we will follow you. You will be the first to clean the classroom, even when waxing the floor. I forgot that's why you came to school early because your home is near the school.

We became friends and became close when there was a sitting arrangement. Your seating arrangement is beside mine. You are loud and funny sometimes. Your handwriting is beautiful, and you are good at drawing, so you are participating in the drawing contest and poster making. Sometimes you forget or you're too lazy to bring your books, so you will share with my book.

When the teacher said we were going to write three pages in our notebook from the book, I remember what you did. You only wrote two pages. The others were just shortcuts, and you were just writing anything. You love drawing in your notebook, so your notebook will run out quickly.

You are good at drawing, and you always use oil pastels for coloring. I always borrow from you.

Every lunch, you don't bring food or a lunchbox because you just go home, and your house is nearby the school. We also went to your house there for lunch. At noon, you watch the TV show "Showtime." You memorize their songs because you are always singing them.

I remember you helping me and my twin sister with our project. You helped us with our project because we didn't have the money to buy the Good Manners and Right Conduct Chart. You were done submitting the project, and you still had a picture then, so you just gave it to us. You are so kind.

In elementary, we only became classmates in grade 4 because you transferred to another school. Your friends and classmates miss you, even our teacher.

In high school, I studied in DNHS together almost all my classmates in elementary. We were in the same school. I never thought that you would also study there and that we would be in the same class again.

We are still friends, and you even talked to us about your crush. Her name is Sanny, our beautiful and smart classmate.

We only became classmates in grade 7, because you moved to Manila, where you lived and continued your studies.Based on your posts, it appears that your life is going well there.Every time you go home for vacation to your place, you hang out with your friend, taking advantage of the time together. Your last vacation was last year.

In the month of February, I was surprised by the news from your neighbor, who is also your friend, that you were admitted to the hospital because you got sick. Yesterday, my heart was broken when I saw the Facebook post of your close friend. I was surprised when I saw your picture of you lying so thin that I could hardly recognize you because of your serious illness.

His family and close friends are asking for prayers and financial support from people with good hearts. Any amount would be of great help to him with his medication and recovery.

Closing Thoughts

It is heartbreaking to see a person close to you, someone who has been a part of you, struggling and has had a serious illness.

Your close friend even said that you were fighting. I hope you will be strong enough to fight your disease. You are not alone in that battle. Your family and friends loves you.

I want to help you. All I can do is to pray for your recovery. I gave a little help to you. I'm sorry because that's all that's left in my Gcash a small amount. Do not lose hope. Let's have faith in God and pray, and I know you can overcome this. You are a strong .

Do you still remember me? By the way, I'm Cring, your seatmate in grade 4, and we became classmates in grade 7.

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1 year ago


It so painful knowung abiut this that your one friend struggling seriously with the illness and you don't have any help just to have a pray over in her challenges time. Hope she will be okay and God will heal her.

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1 year ago

This is heartbreaking, I also feel your pain as a friend of him even though I don't know him personally. May god heal him and I will pray for his recovery 🙏

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1 year ago