He was a Fisherman

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The story of a fisherman

In one village their occupation is fishing because the sea is rich in marine resources. There was a man who was one of the fishermen. Every day he sailed on his boat to provide food for his family. Under the intense heat of the sun and in the middle of the rain.

He is happy that he can catch a lot of fish but sometimes he goes home without catching any fish. Every afternoon his family waits for their father to come home and hopefully many fish will be caught. They are worried that whenever the weather is bad, strong winds or heavy rain might catch up with their father. The family is happy when the fisherman caught a lot of fish.

In the afternoon the fisherman came home. He caught a lot of fish he chose fish for sale and fish for family consumption. He weighed the fish and decided to sell a few kilos of fish to the other village.

"Get ready because it's getting dark and you will be selling 5 kilos of fish in other villages ."

The two daughters sold few kilos of fish luckily sold out immediately because many bought. The buyers liked the fish because it was very fresh and affordable.

One day the fisherman's family was worried because he had not returned home and it was about to get dark. A fisherman came to the house to inform the family that the man was still in the dock of the boats and could not walk because he was in pain due to Arthritis.

The fisherman's older son picked up his father by a Carabao chariot " Balsa" at the docks of boats. The boat dock is far away in many mangroves and before you get there you will first cross the river.

The family helped the man who could not walk due to severe Arthritis. In a few days, the fisherman was cured because of the medicine and proper rest as well.

The fisherman knows many of the names of the fish he has memorized the types of fish.

"What is the name of this fish? "

"The color is like a butterfly."

The children asked when they are fish that is new to their eyes.

They ate dinner together and the fisherman will talk about what happened during his whole day at sea.

There was a fisherman whose boat sank and they helped him. Some also ran out of fuel in the middle of the sea. There was also a fisherman who didn't catch anything so they shared some fish too. So that he could take home something for his family. The wind was strong so it was hard to fish.

That’s just one of the fishermen’s stories.

After not fishing for a few days, her two daughters would go to the boat dock to scoop up the water under the boat whenever it rained and remove the mangroves' dry leaves.

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The fisherman I tell in my story is my father. He used to be a fisherman but now he is no longer. Because he is old and his foot always hurts due to Arthritis. He can no longer go on fishing.

It's been several years since his pump boat was sold. He always said that he misses fishing if he didn't have arthritis he was suffering from, he would have been able to fish.

I also want to remind everyone that we must take care of marine resources and not abuse it, just like using illegal fishing. Let us take care and protect the sea so that we have more fish, and for the next generation.

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