The Younger Me In The Macdo

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The Younger Me in The Macdo

They say macdo is the one of the best fastfood, but for macdo is a bit unmemeorable and memorable one for me. Let me tell you how brat i am in my younger years so let start shall we.

My parents take me out for an award, because im a good kid and have an award in school so they take me out , so as a younger me i was so excited , exicited in toys because there is the collection that i want to complete the small barbie that a hair is up i forget the one it called ,But that what i wanted not the food haha, so my mom order our food my papa look at me while i play in the playground so as normal kid i was shy at first and start to get a long with those kids .

There are different types of kids that i notice, the crybaby ,brat ,the bully,loner and even the papansin one . Let say im the loner type in there i was just enjoying my company when this boy suddenly push me in the slides my face litterary face the floor it happened once and i let it skip for once then i play again as if there nothing happened. So time passes again he again push me i go iriritated and shout at him i got my parents attention and some people

"Ano ka ba kanina ka pa nanulak ah !"

he just laugh ,that damn brat if i remember his face right know i will literary punch his face .My mom got worried because my nose is red as in ikaw ba naman humalik sa sahig tingnan natin kung di mamula yan ilong mo . So my mom ask the boy mother and make a scene yes , i dont but ended up like that . The mother of boy is also a war freak , geez i dont even enjoy my time there so my mom get me and we eat silently but my mom said why didnt fight back there look at your nose dummy , i just smile i let passed mom because i though he will never do it again. Then i saw him just smirking and laughing at me in his sit seriously that kid . I know im cute just kidding .

But theres more so again in the anniversary or something we palan to go out so again in macdo , there is this boy who creep the hell out me he follow me hes a kid by the way and ask me some quiestion ,i know it was friendly approach but it just that the girls in the back just angry at me i dont know why and i told him

"Maybe you need to ask that girl behind you , she was starring me for the whole time!"

"But i was asking you not her "

i just dont mind him and continue playing then the girl approach me and pull my hair ,damn it that kid , my wavy hair is long so she easily pull that , i told her back off or else , she never let go and then i pull hair hair and she cry , by the way i was frame up and i was to blame there , geez do you think my era crazy there , but my father just laugh ad told me you are a macdo freak arent you always ended up with a little mess in that play ground . i just agree with him and eat .

Now ,let fastforward in my almost teeanage year yes , we eat again in macdo but not near in our area ,i was in girl or star scout so i was just checking the playground and remembering those days then suddenly the boy bump me and told me back off you dont play i play , i rolled my eyes and dont mind him ,i just looking and playing in the swing when the boy who bump me throw me a paper ball i dont were he get that so he was throwing more i got up and throw it him so he ended up loosing hahaha, the fun part there he was the other school who need to compete with it when i see him i smirk and say need a rematch ,He just smiled and agreed, we ended up loosing but i found a friend in there haha so it was not a fight after all .

There still memories that i knew i ended up with a little fight with fast food but this was the most i remember one .Im not the one who start the fight but i was just being involve ,crazy little me but now that i grow up i always want to seet near the playground of it because i remember the younger me playing there , creepy me haaha but i do enjoy watching those kid playing around, i like kids so much yet im strict .

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Parents who find time to take their kids out to experience such an award ceremony are preparing their minds for greater awards and I'm sure while you're older, you've won a few😀. Well, it doesn't matter if you have not won one yet but success are awards too.

You see I have can to realize that kids who bully or tend to be bullies are encouraged by their parents. Else, that little boy was supposed to be reprimanded immediately to know his actions were not normal. If he is going to grow with such an attitude them the society would have a serious problem to deal with.

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