The Odd Me

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They say that im the weird one and not easily to be understand in the family , i have many hatred that i knew that was not acceptable in my age but it was has a great impact to me espeacially in growth . But i dont want it to be discuss in this platform .

Im the girl that :

  1. Love to watch movies , anime,dramas - because this was my escaped to what i hate to hear in my surrounding , im not perfect i easily get displease and be uncomfortable . The genre that often watch is mystery i hate horror if you want to watch me with those stuff i totally ignore you for life . But if you tell me it was science fiction maybe i will watch it , a little bit romance i guess ,kidding im just still a girl ahaha love to be kilig

  2. love to read a manga , novel - but trust me i hate lesson books kidding but whe i want to put my mind on it maybe i give it a shot, reading makes me go to places that i want , i want people to not mind me in my imperfection they almost give it a big deal as if they are the most perfect person i know .The genre that i almost love to read is the historical love story they were gown and such but i hate the roeme and juliet i hate the ending hahaha i hate tragic one , why woud i read a tragic one if the life in reality is almost tragic .

  3. A girl who never want to go out in her comfort zone- i hate to be laugh out , i hate to be judge , your lucky if you see me in my other side , They say i was just a normal but nope i was talkative when im comfortable to that person and i give my trust but i hate the most is to feel betrayed.

  4. I love crafts -when i was younger i have this dream to be a fashion designer , i was so feel like, damn why would i have those dream looking at myself my old fashion style and taste doesnt even reach those. But now look i start to create clothes not as great as the crafter but little by little i follow it. The reason i dont want to create a wearable is i dont know how to measure different sizes hahaha i just create it with my size . I love designing in secret.Im a crocheter

  5. lazy- yes when i hate to do it you cant force me even though you use couraging words you cant change my mind easily.So my works is all pending they are finish in my mind and i forgot to type it out so when i read my works all i say is bitin i want more then again lazy hands again hahaha

  6. hate to be girly - i hate to be girly and i hate to be compared to those girls at my age they say just wait she will have her time to met a man that change her perspective, oh come on i dont need a man to change me if i want to change their will be no man be involve , i will change because i just want it .

  7. mysterious girl- they say im hard to read , well infact its the opposite i was easily be read but my friends told me that they hate it when im in my silence i dont know , but because my silence will be after math a very very err hard word to be said when i explode i hate that about myself because i cant control my temper anymore.

  8. cared too much- that what i was being used , i know it but damned it was so hard even though i knew it , im the typical girl that i will protect you ,because i know the pain that no one protecting you , i have this bestfriend for almost decades and in fact she was my cousin she hurt me many times but i knew i was not perfect and she just knew that after a talk we will be okay but no i was hurt .

  9. victim- they say i always the play the victim that awfull isnt, why would i play the victim in fact there they are the victim in their own fault word , im rather be the criminal than to play that shit , i just tell the truth then they blame me in their crazy action

  10. Sibling love addict- i love my little brother so much cant live without him dare to hurt him then you will see the other side of me .

  11. Night Owl- yes i do love to work at night my mind is awake just like this hour i write it down and post it tommorow i guess, im lazy at morning if it possible i will just laydown on my bed but nope .

  12. animal lover - i hate the fact that they will kill a cocroach or a mosquito weird right

That was just few things about me , that i would like to share it so maybe, you can able to knew me in the way i write here , using this platform to open up my rants in life i guess , by the way im a lazy writer remember the one i posted i got lazy maybe posted a part 2 soon . So that all , may i ask what are the few things that makes you feel odd or unique.

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