How I Write My Reviewer and Additional Tips

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Creating a reviewer that usually end up in the test and not. Some student end up studying all the lesson that the teacher gave and forgeting how to key notes the important one . And it became to much overload info and forgeting some importants facts . Reading and writing is the key to help your brain works and be familiar with .

So In here i will able to share how i key notes my notes

1. Read the Specific Lesson for more than 5x

Reading a specific lesson for more than 5 times help you to be fammiliar to the topic and it will able to refresh your mind on writing notes . Before i keep down some highlights of the lesson i need to be familiar with the one i writing . This is 100 % effective for me .

2. Eliminates the flower words, Write it short

After you read the topic you will able to notice that some words are just additional info in the key word so for example

Book-a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers

just like this example above eliminating and left the most important part is a must, so you can able to remember the key points, I usually use short word with a specific meaning ,trust me it will be shown in your exam . Almost of my reviewer end up showing in the exam and how i create it, its my secret ,just kidding.

3. Reread and be fammiliar with the words

After you take down notes you can now easily understand all the main topics of your lesson you can able to check something if you forget the meaning . At least you are now familiar with the words that you are reading . And you can able to argue to yourself like, is this info that i studying correct it will motivate you to read it over again untill you understand it.


Wait , it doesnt mean that there are the keyword in this note is you should memorize all your parapharase and short reviewer.My advice it, you should understand the lesson because if you just memorize those data, it just you wasting your time because after you use those information you will just forget it after it was done . It a major no for me if you were just like that then good luck. Im not a fan of memorizing, giving my memorizing a percent I will give it 10 % out of 100 % , i hate memorizing guys so bare with me i always escape this part of my study .


1. Design

Do i need to design my notes ? my answer is yes you can able to design your reviewer so that you can easily remember the information facts. But for me as lazy i am, i dont want to make my life difficult ,I will just design my notes not my reviewer. Again its up to you to decide.


This is my favorite part ,as a person who doesnt want to make my notes dull even though im lazy designing my reviewer im addicted to highlighting my notes so that I can easily remember the key point, that I wish to remember so I can easily familliar with it . The color that i usually use is the neon colors their are easily gather interest and easily catch my eyes i dont want a dark color to my notes . Colorful is nice and makes you excites to read .


For my personal opinion and experience i want to use blue pen when creating a reviewer ,because the color blue is helping to cool the brain and relax minds. It helps to absorve all the information especially if its long and tiring. The green one is the major word that are most important make it colorful if you dont have highlighters.

4. FlashCards

I know you heard this word flash card , yes it makes you to understand that word ,i use flashcard when i was elementary as you can see guys i sucks in memorizing so i need to create effort to understand those meaning withouth frustating my brain . You can able to use flash card in anything you dare to understand faster , it was handy and cute haha (nacucutan sa index paper crazy me hahaha)

5. Snacks

No mind will work if you have an empty stomach ,everyone will agree with me with this . I remember the time that i forgot my breakfast and i almost didnt finish my exam (yan anime pa tanghali tuloy nagising kaya nakakalimutan kahit may luto na )so that was the last time i will skip my breakfast.

So as i said while reviewing of course you should partner it up with snack a healthy snacks so that your body and mind can works in your own accord.


When i was reviewing i often play any kind of music that suits my mood. In my playlist an instrumental music with guitar is always present without the lyric,s just the melody so i can focus on what im doing . Then sometimes i want to just emote (kala mo naman talaga may pinag dadaanan eh hahaha) but the fun part their is it help to boost to understand what i read faster.


We should have the motivation to study more such as , good luck future vet ,doctor ,engineer,programmer etc. Just like that , that reminds to our dreams if we dont know what are still doing and if its right i keep this in my mind ( Kailangan mag pursigi kasi panganay ka ) that will never leave my though i want to make my parents proud especially my little bro who look up on me .

8. Ask Guidance to The seniors

If you dont know what to do and you dont have a choice dont hesistate to ask for favors so that you can able to understand that specific lesson ,it help you writing your reviewer . Like me i often forget some points so i rely on my notes , i ask my fellow students for more info well not vulgar but In silent way ( shy type yarn hahaha).


Always ask for his guidance because he will never put you in your danger zone he will lead you the way to your greatness in hard way or in good way ,never loose hope or your beliefs on him . So study with him you will suprise that he will help you to your study . When i start my exam i always ask for his guidance .


Im not intelligient kid ,i would rather say that im a hard working student , so how about you what is the way you write your reviewer . You can correct me if some words make you offend i will willingy accept and learned .

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Familiarize as well.

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I have ways of my own reviewing since I easily memorize what I saw. But overall, I like your points and views in this matter.

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