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Welcome back to the world of Funmangalaxy

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1 month ago
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Right it is just under a year ago I chatted to Toad all about his NFT project on Wax which you can check here But if you weren't aware he was recently hacked and lost access to his Wax account and lost his access to all his project NFTs and I caught up with him to see how the rebuild is going .

Hey man

Howdy diddly doo

How you?

Doing well bro! You?

I cant complain how's the project coming along?

Going well! slowly but surely rebuilding

How is that going?

Going good one thing at a time the Halloween event was fun but took me about 4 nights of work to complete tonight is the dung gremlin pack and possible dung casket lower level fight NFTs then I want to do poor man pack and seeker.

Did you have to rebuild everything back from the hack?

Yeah I had to remint everything and get re verified since the old wallet was lost. Not sure how they got in without using my email verification, but lessons learned. Don't click any link Dmed to you ever.

So your not even sure how they got in to your account?

Well all I know is it happened when I clicked a link that someone Dmed me, saying to check out a new game. The link did not lead to the said game, but instead downloaded something onto my computer. That night they were in my account and transferred everything. Then when I tried to recover, they had some how changed the email associated with the account.

Oh god that's horrible was Atomichub any help during this?

They sadly could not help because the email associated with the account was changed. Not sure how they did this without atomic hub's permission. They pretty much told me, "Ahhh, well that is too bad..." But I got over it, and started to rebuild, because I felt that I had let down many awesome people.

When you thought you would have to rebuild was there a second when you thought I cant or did you just start?

Yeah at first I contemplated making a new game, and giving funman holders exclusive rights in a new collection, but then I calmed my mind and thought about it more. I realized that there is a lot in funman that could have been done differently and had the idea to rebuild with a stronger foundation. One example of this is the Honest Shaman NTT, which will prevent multi accounting within the collection.

Another is the Clue Scroll NFTs which are being added to each openable chest. This creates another dimension of chance within the world of funman. Once you own a scroll, you can sell it to other players because it is rare, or take your chances blending a chest or some other rare NFT from the scroll. This is the only way to obtain certain NFTs.

So in other words it inspired you to double down on your project?

Yes, and opened my eyes to parts of the project that were incomplete. Now I am focused on finishing what I started and less on putting out new stuff. But making new things keeps me going, so I have channeled some energy into events such as this years Halloween event. It is a more complete version of the original Halloween event vision from the year before. Also sound files were recently added to the website and new shops listed for sale to help with the RAM costs of rebuilding. This strategy seems to be working well as of now.

So the hack helped in a way?

I guess you can say that. Maybe in the long run, but it is taking a lot of time to get things back. But yes it helped to balance the game and the pack odds for sure. Plus I keep running into road blocks, such as the old collection getting black listed, so my old descriptions are hard to find. Luckily I could find them on swagger UI, but now I am having trouble getting that site to work. Luckily, however, I have already reminted most everything, and many descriptions are saved in telegram. Right now the Dung Casket description is no where to be found, so I may end up having to rewrite it completely. The image file is still on my computer though. Also I am having to rethink all of the blends because I can not view them on Neftyblocks due to the blacklisting. I wish I would have taken pictures of a few, but it is okay.

That really sounds like a pain alright are you recording all description now as you go along just in case?

Yes they have all been recorded in telegram for most of the project's creation. It seems I minted some in secret though as a surprise such as the Dung Casket. This shouldn't be too hard to recreate. Something I have learned from all this: persistence is key (as well as patience). I just figured out a way around the swagger UI website to find the description I needed. This is great and saved me time.

Dung Casket: This Dung Casket is a mysterious but stinky chest... It is soft and warm to the touch, but looks fancy, like it is protecting something important...

See I am glad I found that one! It is a good one.

So what's going on with your project at the moment?

Well the rebuild is an ongoing process of trading in old blacklisted funmanbobyjo NFTs for new funmangalaxy NFTs. Those who are active now can also claim the Funmanbobyjo Forefather NFT in the funman telegram room. This is a free airdrop target that will later be listed at 100 WAX. Also players can fill out a google form to receive the Honest Shaman NTT, which prevents multi accounting drops within the collection, and protects the NFT ecosystem I am creating. Currently there is a Halloween event for those who own Honest Shaman and the Prankster Ghoul NFT (priced at 25 WAX). This allows people to claim up to 7 hidden Treat Bag drops every 12 hours. These drops are hidden throughout the funlands metaverse, and can be opened to receive Candy NFTs and a chance at the Candy Scroll. The Candy Scroll and the candy NFTs are needed to blend the Candy Chest on the haunted house page here:

This is a prime example of how the new funmangalaxy collection will be laid out. Scrolls are rare drops that can blend rare chests with increased rewards. The Candy Chest is the only way to get the Candy Broomstick (40% chance), and this is needed for the Candy Witch blend (31 copies available).

Other than that, I am asking anyone with time to spare to help create NFT descriptions or planet descriptions for my planets in galactic123 to earn free Manifestation Token NFTs. These NFTs are rewarded to those who help and will be stakable in the new WAXDAO farm once I raise enough wax to open it. This will reward players who help create in a positive way. Also those who draw usable images for the metaverse or create funman style NFTs in microsoft paint can earn mint 1 and 2 of their NFT as well as more Manifestation Token NFTs.

I also have a lot of ideas for what to do after I am done rebuilding like creating a new crypto token for example, but this will take time.

Also players can request a live video walkthrough on telegram of how to claim drops in the funman metaverse. This will soon be made into a youtube video to help promote the project. So there is a lot of stuff coming, and I am thinking things through a lot more then when I first started this collection.

Also weekly airdropped packs are slowly coming back, with Wanderer chest being the first. All of the accumulated weeks of missed airdrops are being counted, and when the time is right, over 17 weeks and counting of air dropped chests will be dropped to those who have traded in their drop targets. Those who have not yet traded them in can request these chests in the future by dming me, @toadshaman on telegram to claim their missed chests. This is the best I can do for all of the people who invested in the funmanbobyjo project before the hack, but will take time to complete.

Well its great to see the project still going even stronger after all that's happened.

Yeah man! Never give up on your dreams, and strike when inspiration arises. I couldn't do it without the help of the amazing wax community, and those who chose to support my project amidst collapse. Thanks to them, I am more focused and inspired than ever, and have fine tuned my ability to create since doing this for over a year. Creating soundscapes for the metaverse has also revitalized my vision for the project, and I know that it will gain traction after a while. There are a few collab events as well that I forgot to mention such as a hidden link in my metaverse with Aquascapeart, and there will soon be a Hookah Cafe in collab with the Nethrimdesgn project. I also thank them and other artists like Smelly Koala for their ongoing support.

Of course do you have anything else you would like to meantion?

Just that anyone wishing to collab or work with / help create the funman metaverse website can message me with any requests or ideas! Looking for sound artists, collection owners, visual artists, creative writers, and just creative people in general! Thanks ahead of time for anyone who helps. 💙🐸💙

Oh course well if you like you could always pop on are youtube show to talk about it and are you going to feature in are Waxaween2

Oooh Sounds awesome!

Oh if your looking to pick up some of his NFTs check the links below 

link to prankster ghoul drop:

Link to funman metaverse:

Link to funman blends:

We also have a few NFTs up for grabs including this one

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$ 1.46 from @TheRandomRewarder
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Written by   650
1 month ago
Topics: Artist, WAX, NFT, Game
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