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Meet the team behind Astr0nautix

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This project is brought to you by a couple called Mariana and Daniel and there work is speaks for it self so I had to get the low down all about there project so sit back and read all about there exciting project

Hey How you ?

We’re great we’re excited to tell you about the project we’re creating.

What got you into crypto?

Mariana: one of the artist of Astronautix was interested in investing and learning about cryptocurrency, so we got into a group were they taught the basics.

How did you get discover NFTs?

We first knew about it back when it got popular on different platforms, and thought it was a cool and a different idea compared to the traditional way of sharing and selling art.

Why did you choose WAX for your project ?

Daniel: have always like Funko pops and when they came out with their NFT’s I bought some and met some cool people to trade with. I had a few friends that invested with Wax so I thought it was a good idea to sell with the same currency

What is the idea behind your project?

The idea behind our project is to create art that people can identified with. We have this concept that everyone has their own beautiful universe of ideas and creation, and so we want to share ours. By doing this we want to promote everyone’s uniqueness. Plus we love to explore our imagination and make it reality into our projects.

When did your first launch?

First launch was on June 17 2022

How many NFTs have you dropped so far?

We are continuously dropping NFT’s but this far we have release more than 45

What was the first one you dropped?

The whole idea came from a painting my wife made, I just converted it into digital which is AstroColor and so that was the first one we dropped.

How did the community react?

Throughout the time we’ve been releasing a few people have messaged us saying the idea behind our art is something special and different from others. In season 1 and 2 we didn’t have a theme but now that in season 3 we do, our community finds it interesting and fun.

When the next drop? Sneak peak? What is the process of making your NFTs?

We are doing seasons and every season from the third and the ones coming up will have a theme. We are continuously thinking of ideas for the next seasons but for now in Season 3 it’s like a game where you have a board and each completed section gives you a reward, as well as every NFT which have stars, helmets and MD’s which can be redeem for more NFT’s and even a custom one. The inspiration for our art is that there is no limit to imagination so whatever comes to our minds we try and represent it into the astronaut itself. Sneak peak- actually for Season four we are going to give our character (the astronaut) more life and by this I mean where are going to created scenarios that Astronautix will encounter. Drops for Season 3 are every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday till November 6.

What programs you use for creation?

Daniel: use photoshop and my wife uses procreate.

How long each NFT take to create?

Well it depends in how much detail we add to the NFT but normally a few hours, depending.

What is your favourite NFT you have made? Why?

It was a hard decision but we came out with a conclusion, which is the AstroPizzaLove and the reason why is very sentimental. Back in October 2018, Mariana and I were on a date at a pizza restaurant where I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. Obviously she said yes! Since then we that restaurant has been our all time favourite for that particular reason mostly, plus it’s really yummy! And so AstroPizzaLove represents that day and us as a couple and the place we finally got together which we go at least 8 times a month

Have you done any collabs?

Yes, with an NFT creator named Bitblobs and a game called Starcadia

Who would be your dream collab?

We don’t have a particular one at the moment.

Are you a collector of NFTs?

We are focusing so much on creating at the moment that we haven’t had the time to collect ourselves, but would love start collecting soon. Nevertheless, we do own a few NFT from other creators,

Who is your favourite NFT artist?

Cartombs.R2 is a common artist we both really like.

What has been the best part of doing your project?

That my wife and I can share this project, ideas and the community’s reaction to our art makes us smile. As well as, the progress that we are making artistically talking, we improve and learn from every NFT we make. Plus, the artistic side entertain us a lot.

What has been the hardest part?

To create and keep my community in constant interaction. It’s like we don’t know where to look for people.

What's the long-term goal of the project?

Our purpose as artists is to create a community that sees us grow and grows with us. As well as, to have a community that finds our art comforting and feels included in it. Astronautix seeks to connect with people through their interests, culture, and memories. We want Astronautix to become 3 essential things in our community; an investment, a collectible, and a joyful adventure.

What does your family think of your project?

They love the art we are creating but don’t understand much about how much impact it can have online. Have you introduced anyone to WAX ? Not really, everyone we know is from whatnot and all of them already know wax because that’s the coin if you want to sell funko NFTs.

What you like to do to unwind?

We love to watch movies together and take long walks at night when it’s quiet. It’s just that right time to have very long conversations about anything without worrying at all about other things. We like to communicate a lot on how we are feeling and what’s going on through our minds. We also get cool ideas for our projects from those walks.

Tell us something random about you?

Mariana: I’m going to answer that about Daniel; he has a $5,000 physical Funko collection which occupies very single space in our home

Daniel: and I’ll answer something random about Mariana; she is very into fashion, likes to wear vibrant colours and anything as long as it makes her feel good, she would literally buy clothing every single day.

Where is the best place to keep up with the project?

I would say discord is the best platform because we are always active responding to our users, posting next drops and engaging. Everyone is invited to check for future astronauts at our discord channel:

Where can we buy your NFTs?

This link can take you to every social media we have and also the drops we had made on nefty.

When is the next drop?

Since September 12, until November 6 2022 we’re dropping 8 NFT’s weekly, Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday and Saturday. As well as packs dropping on Sunday October 8 and November 6, 2022

Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers?

We have a few dynamics, lots of reward going on Dynamics for Season 3 WEEKLY GIVEAWAY Every week there’ll be an object giveaway. You get to choose which object you get. You can enter in the giveaway channel. So don’t forget to join our discord. END OF PHASE 1 GIVEAWAY/ END OF PHASE 2 GIVEAWAY At the end of each phase there will be an astronaut giveaway. PHASE 1 giveaway price will be an uncommon. PHASE 2 giveaway price will be an uncommon. INVITATION CONTEST The person who brings more people into the channel from Sep 12 to Nov 6 will get the full collection from Season 3 (16 astronauts + 48 objects + rules + board) To claim this reward you have to have bought at least 3 Helmet color lines from Season 3 (ONLY ONE WINNER) no monetary reward apply to this. Because this is given to you as a gift there is no count of starts, helmet, or MD’s applied. They might show on the NFT but are not redeemable $38 REWARD ONLY FIRST 10 people to complete the full board (16 astronauts + 48 object) WILL GET $38 on top of the rewards for completing the helmet sets. Total amount will be $100 $5 REWARD Every week (from Sep 12 - Nov 6) 2 astronauts + 6 objects will be released. If you end up getting mint #1 of the 2 astronauts + 6 objects at the end of each week, a reward of $5usd will be given to you. There is a winner every week! If you miss one week you can try the next. Don’t forget to have fun and If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Is there anything you would like to add or say before we finish?

We love to chat with our community, at the end it’s all about creating connections with people thought our art. It is not our only job so we are constantly very busy, but our imagination never stops so stay tuned for more seasons. It’s only the beginning of this journey.

Hope you enjoyed reading about there cool project and to celebrate I am giving away this cool NFT

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Written by   650
1 month ago
Topics: NFT, Artist, WAX, Interview
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