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Meet the one and only blackFang

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1 week ago
Topics: NFTs, Nft artist, Journey

Right when I first started here doing my meet the artists between artists and artists telegram the one thing I would slways see is this guy always promoting or chatting well he has finally start creating NFT's and I thought I had to chat to him so lets get know him a little better as he is now the creator of Lewd Momoko . Check his new work here

Hi bud

alright 😁😁😁😁

So how you today do anything exciting?

Not much, everyday is the same for me ever since Covid started. Working from home, nothing special but I’m having a blast with the NFT world I discovered. Specifically the WAX community is what inspired me to create this collection.

Feel like this dynamic , fast and vibrant community makes collecting NFTs addicting 👀

Yea I have seen you bouncing around twitter for a while alright so what's the day job ?

I’m a project manager at manufacturing company of bespoke commercial furniture. We work only with multinational companies, all the popular ones from tobacco, drinks, petrol stations, horeca, retail and many more. Its a very creative space because we work with companies that value creativity and being different from the crowd.

Oh wow that's sounds very interesting so you would have great imagination which would help you In NFT world ?

Wanted to add it sounds boring what we do, but imagine we make everything you see in all top retailers, shop fittings, signage, all inside furniture. So its very dynamic and always different

No I like it to me that's interesting ?

Yeah, I actually have done a degree in Product Design in UK, have all the knowledge to design and engineer any piece of furniture for these brands.

Being a project manager gives me an edge to delegate tasks and have a better picture of what we need to improve our relationship with all stakeholders.

That must be intense trying to keep everyone happy so have you ever kit out any companies in Ireland ?

We mostly work for East and Central Europe. We haven’t done anything for Ireland, closest has been in UK.

Oh right so lets get back on track most of the Atomichub fans and artists would know your name on Twitter or here on Telegram but what name you using for creating your NFT's ?

Awesome 👍. So my alias is BlackFang and the collection name is “Lewd Momoko”. Momo means peach in Japanese , -ko is used for a girls name. I started this collection with the intent to give back to the community. I learned a lot and received many gifts from this amazing community and want to do my part in continuing this cycle for others. There are many artists and collectors that inspired me and made me start this in the first place.

Because I went to artschool for 8 years, it wasn't hard for me to get back to drawing. I actually stopped drawing after I finished High school , so this was amazing to get back to drawing, back to my roots. It's outta my comfort zone because I actually never drawn anything anime before, but I like a challenge. Before my "Send Nudes" piece I drawn a year before only 1 anime drawing when Covid started.

So for the people who don't know your twitter what is it ?

Have you always been artistic so do you think being around NFT's got your passion for art back ?

100% NFTs got my flame lit. I actually wanted to get NSFW anime NFTs but only my friend Konceptonwax made anime ones but not anything lewd like I wanted. So I just created something that I would personally want to collect. It took me a lot of time to actually want to try to draw, because I mostly like collecting NFTs.

I don't identify myself as a artist, because I don't spend that many hours per day that real artists spend. For example artists are these people that actually inspired me to create Lewd Momoko: Tokendeals, Magnta555, Koralovelace, Konceptonwax, Tachi Studio.

I know tokendeals and tachi Studio I have chatted to both they great artists in different Ways and what you do is art !!!!!!!!!

That's nice of you to say. All the positive feedback I received from the community blew me up, this made motivated me to push and work on more pieces. I actually only expected to do two pieces just to send them to the artists and collectors that I admire. But it turned out to be much bigger than I expected.

So now I decided to continue creating for this collection and give all NFTs free for every piece. This is my project for the WAX community. I want oppai to be accessible for anybody that likes lewd anime.

Where you from ?

Lets jus say somewhere in Europe .

Ah a man of mystery lol .

How long you been working on this project ?

3-4 weeks

Got whitelisted on 23rd of April, and that's when I launched my first two pieces "Send Nudes" and "Taste of Baseball"

That was quick getting whitelisited I artists have who had to wait longer .

Yeah, I only had "Send nudes" piece, and Sven from Atomic Hub told me I needed two pieces, so one week later after I made the second piece I got whitelisted in a day.

So have created many more since then ?

Yeah, I just released "Ride Me" two days ago, and now I'm working on a new piece. It's going to be exclusive at . Its all free, I just want to support my favorite streamer, Burst of Energy, as he has supported me ever since I launched my collection. He gives a lot of NFTs to the community and gives the best insight into wax projects, he is inspiring me everyday.

Is ever thing you create hand drawn first?

It's "hand drawn" digitally. I use an IPad Pro with Apple pencil and start from a sketch, and redraw all the shapes till I get the anatomy to my like. Its all drawn manually in Procreate and then I clean it out in Photoshop.

So would you say your fussy about your art about being perfect ?

I am, because I’m re-learning how to ride the bike (drawing) I’m super slow, and sometimes I redraw parts of the piece 5-10 times till I get it right. I’m grateful to my friends that I ask them constantly critique my pieces. They help me with feedback: NFTComposer, PuftCreative, Konceptonwax, Tachi Studio, Maiki_NFT, VHSFruit (she will launch soon on WAX). I couldn’t have done it without this amazing community.

So it would take you a long time from thought to finish nft then ?

What takes me long is from finished sketch to finish, but I’m starting to get used to it. I don’t mind being slow, I don’t want to rush it. I really care about creating something unique, to have the quality that I would be proud of and add value from scarcity by minting them at a low supply. I really want to make a difference even if it’s only a free NFT, it’s going to be harder to get these as we grow.

Of course so where do you the inspiration for your NFT's ?

I follow a lot of anime artists from Japan, China and Korea. They inspire me into the style, but the way I drew Momoko is completely different than traditional anime style. I just integrate parts I imagine with parts I see often and I get this mix. What inspires me mostly are other creators on wax, each artist, influencer, every single one of them push me to create it. This community made me an artist ❤️. Even yourself, you are playing a part, imagine I’ve read many articles you have done before I even thought about drawing. 👀

Cheers I am glad that you have read my articles but I just like to promote artist and I know you do to so I know your a bigger collector of NFT's but how did you find out about them first ?

My first blockchain NFTs were bought last year on Lost Relics game, i really thought it was amazing but the ETH gas fees killed my attraction. So my first experience on WAX was with Street Fighter launch in February, I didn’t knew much about WAX, I knew gas wasn’t an issue and that was about it. After the launch I been buying STF almost everyday since then. That pulled me in, and the community got my full attention.

Brilliant so who would be your favourite artist ?

That’s impossible to answer because I don’t prefer one over others 😂. I can say my favourites: Konceptonwax, Maiki NFT, Byron, Tokendeals Cyberporn, RacoonBrand, Tachi Studio, Doki Doki Punks, Endless loots, Cryptomonkeys, Exit limbo and Puftcreative.

Ok then what would be favourite NFT you hold and don't play I cant pick one card ?

My nr 1 NFT collection is Street Fighter, I’m gonna HODL it for the years to come. I just grew up with the game and like what Capcom made. Its a nostalgic NFT that makes me very happy hold. Hope that answers your question 👍

Ha ha the seems like an easy answer out so show us your favourite one so

This is my favourite because I pulled it from the packs at launch, it’s a #2 , Action Rarity.

Oh wow and I am a street fighter fan

I have right now 563 NFTs from STF. I don’t have a big budget but with the little I have I hunt for deals every day since February.

That is some amount well I did get the promos but

I agree RYU is the ultimate card. Everybody loves him. But I prefer Chun-Li, I just like her character in the games.

what is your favourite STF card?

I would have to Ryu is my favourite character .

Not jealous at all

I managed to snatch this at a total bargain price . Somebody dumped it for 8 WAX

What really how much it worth now ?

Its #12 but in reality its #7 because the previous cards got burned 😂. Total blasphemy to sell it below market price . I could sell it for a few hundred dollars, but I couldn’t. Gonna HODL this. Its priceless 👀

I really care about mint numbers, that’s why I said I like to collect 😂

So how many NFT's would you say you are hodling ?

I typically hodl all the good mints at projects I think are going to be worth more in the long term. At STF I don’t sell my lower mints, only the mints that I have duplicates of. And I don’t sell at a loss, many flippers have dumped their STF cards but I benefit from that as I get them at a discount. I usually sell NFTs when they are overvalued and buy when they are undervalued.

So you would be a proper wheeler dealer of NFT's ?

I would say Wheeler dealer of NFTs is defo Burst of Energy. He flips and hodls at master level. I’m a little fish 😂, but I’m having fun. I learn from Burst every day about new projects.

So are interested in crypto currency's themselves or just NFT's ?

Yeah, I entered the crypto space last year when Covid started. My NFTs are about 5-10% of my portfolio. I hodl mostly BTC and some small bits of ETH, ADA and other alts. What about yourself?

I have no BTC small bit of ETH and have lots of different my big one is BCH

That's cool, crypto is changing our lives as we speak. Future is gonna awesome

I total agree did you get the pay out on AMPL coin ?

I never bought AMPL, ever since last year's Alts season dump, I've been very careful what alts I buy. I've seen so many burns and pump'n'dumps that it makes me hesitate to jump on every altcoin.

I earned it through blogging .

Oh that's nice, congrats

Cheers so is your long term project to keep making NFT's ?

As long as this community likes what I do, I don't see why I would stop. The feedback and community pushes me to move forward ❤️

So any Collab's planned ?

Yeah, first is with Burst Of Energy which I'm working on, and the next is with PuftCreative, if he approves what I draw, gotta make is safe 😂

So when you hoping to launch any of them ?

First one this week, and next one as soon as possible. Its hard to time them.

Any chance of a sneak peak ?

I would have sent you , but its too early, I haven’t even finished my first sketch. It wouldn’t reflect at all the finished product. Sorry about that.

No problem so who would be your dream Collab ?

Magnta555’s own creation with Momoko making a double trouble lewd duo 🤤

Ha ha are you afraid of being banned for being to lewd ?

Only thing I am afraid is if Atomic Hub decides its too lewd 😂. There is no such thing as too lewd, I want oppai to be accessible for every fan, weeb and otaku.

So tell me something random about yourself ?

I don’t watch Hentai anime, many people assume that because I draw the lewd stuff I would have a twisted mind 😂

When your not creating NFT's or on twitter what you do for fun ?

Playing games like Lost Relics and Overwatch or watching Netflix with my wife. Covid has limited my options of having fun, but I still have fun. What about you?

Gaming like yourself entertaining 2 kids and a lot Netflix and streaming watching for my you completed Netflix NFT lol

Any chance of a drop of few NFT's for the readers ?

That’s a cool idea, sure, no worries mate. I was saving a few for moments like these.

You sure

Yeah, thank you for doing this

Not a problem do you have your own telegram channel yet ?

No, I don’t plan to tho. I’m like in 30 groups and it’s a nightmare to keep up with all the noise. For now twitter is nice and simple. I would rather have a discord because its more neat and tidy. I think I can get recognised much better on Twitter than reading through all the spam of telegram. Telegram has its benefits don’t get me wrong, all the WAX OGs are there, but if one person has a life-changing conversation between some important messages it’s impossible to find it. 😂

I am like you I do have a channel but don't use it and its hard to follow conversation when 10 people are writing

Can you link us where we can get your NFT's ?

Well since I’m not selling not even one NFT, easiest way is from secondary market on atomichub searching collection “lewdmomoko22”. Harder way is to keep your eyes peeled for updates on Twitter @LewdMomoko where I announce upcoming giveaways. For example right now Burst of Energy does on his Twitch streams giveaways and includes my pieces, and Timetraveller on WAX (@fromnulltozero) is doing a giveaway on Twitter.

@fromnulltozero is brilliant guy for competitions

He’s an amazing ,pasionate guy, i trust and respect him all the way.

Total agree

So I drop this interviews on do you know it ?

Only from your previous interviews

Oh cool you only know it from my articles love that

So last question is there anything more you would like to add before we finish up

No, I think you got everything . Thank you so much for your time. I really had fun talking with you. 👍

No thank you and good luck on your new Collab's

So if you fancy winning some of these lovely NFT's fill out this google form all have to do to win is follow both of is twitter and retweet this article

Till next time ......

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Written by   157
1 week ago
Topics: NFTs, Nft artist, Journey
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This is totally awesome haha peaches all over

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Thanks dnt forgetto enter the competition

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nice work , i love it! udtr2.wam

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Dnt forget to enter competition

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For not considering yourself an artist, you do a really good job. xxbb2.wam

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This one is a competition to win go to google form

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i am envious of the low mint streetfighter one

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Luck of the draw

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I like BlackFang coz he even DM me before just to tell me that he'd like to send me one of his collection. He is very kind and yes, he is one of the active NFT collectors you see on Twitter.

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Yea lovely guy had fun chatting to him

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I love them... seen them around and I like the 🍑

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They are quite cute

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