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Meet the man behind Urbanculture

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5 days ago
Topics: Interview, NFTs, WAX, Artist

So this project has been around for over a year but took a break away and has recently come back and has even featured in are last Waxattax where he sold one of his NFTs for 2 WAX but with his project relaunching he has now add a new monthly membership which drops tomorrow at 6:00pm so I caught up with him before the drop to get the low down on what's coming and what drives the project .



How's things?

Good . We working on are monthly membership project.

Is this for your new membership program for the project?


How is that going?

The drop with the membership will be live on 20 September. The membership will be monthly . In this we already done the SCHEDULE with the REWARDS in every week. When a drop from U+ EXCLUSIVE will be live the owner of membership can claim it for FREE. With the U+ they can get airdrops to their Wax account and also can have special DISCOUNTS.

We have some video here

all art from there will be in the membership and many more

How much will it cost?

We set a price for 3 dollars to see how will be engagement with this.

So 30 wax or around?

Yeah something like that.

How did your crypto journey start?

I started more than one year ago when we heard something about NFT and how it works. In that moment the only think I know was that NFTs have something relation with crypto. After more research I discovered that NFT is something revolutionary and this can be a good way to show my creation more better cause the passion for art and all this means was before I discovered NFTs

So was NFTs was your first steps into crypto?

Not exactly, before NFTs I made research about crypto and my knowledge about crypto in general was good but I don't know exactly how it started but for sure the first crypto I heard was bitcoin.

So tell us all about your project?

Urbanculture was created in a first stage like a travel project. Our first drops was with cities and travel theme. After that we started to create a non-travel art like cars or abstract art. Cause we have a great engagement we grow. In one year we have a lot of pauses that affect the project due to more reasons and every time we get back but the impact was affected. So recent we started a new plan for this project and the focus will be only on this. Now we create different graphic art and editing with all type of content. Also want with this new membership to create a great storyline that can grow up in time. Also we rebranded this project with a new logo and design that means the new era of Urbanculture the digital one

And is this a team based project?

Yeah, but the main directions and concept are made by me the others are with advices and something like this. But I want to expand this project with new members in the future

Do you remember your first NFT you dropped?

Yeah Dubai one I think is on marketplace right now.

How many have you dropped since?

7.2 K This is on Atomichub . We have 250 templates and 11 schemas.

How did the community react to your project?

Well I think they are very hype cause we give them something different in this NFT space. We want to know more about the reaction after the membership release and how they will engage with this new type of idea.

How do you come up with your ideas for your NFTs?

The main REASON that we choose these type of content is cause we want to give to people an uncommon type of NFTs. I think we need variety and everyone can come in this space with a unique idea. This will help a lot NFTs in general.

How do you create your NFTs?

Yeah that's a good question and is more complex. In our first part of the project we do simple drawings. In the second part we doing graphics editing. In this 3 part we use a generative mix of apps that can help us create more fast different types of art plus drawing and graphics editing for a final better result. And that's how we named this part of the project digital era. With all these types of tools we do can create quality NFTs in a good time.

What programs you use?

Abode Photoshop for editing drawing illustrator for drawing, some basic programs. The creativity I think is the most important.

Of course do you have a favorite NFT you have created?

Man, I don't have one there are some very good, I know I'm not good modest. But I will choose one from our new membership.

Have you done any collabs?

Yeah with more artists, what I can remember now is Cryptoswatches , Rustyredpanda and more.

Who would be your dream collab?

For sure a dream collab can be with many artist doing this, so I think about the best artist can do a big event and to be part of it will be amazing.

Do you have favorite wax artist?

Rustyredpanda Senorlupe Cryptoswatches

What's the long term plan for the project?

Well our main dream is to be able to do video 3d animation like in 3d games or trailers. Also we want this to be more than NFT project.

What has been the best part of doing this project?

To see that people like what you are doing is amazing. That feeling is so STRONG

What has been the hardest?

To comeback to the project after a long pause, you need to attract again people to the project and promoting again that was the hardest part.

How do you feel coming back?

With a lot of ideas and I want to put them in this project but also I need to know to have quality not quantity

How does your family feel about your project?

They don't know about it is just a personal project I don't flex with it

What you like to do to unwind?

I like to do some jogging also love to learn about different cultures , listen to music and driving.

Tell us something random about you?

I like wearing urban streets outfits.

Where is the best place to keep up with the project?

Where can we buy your NFTs?

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

Yeah I was thinking for one reader to get one membership for FREE

Is there anything else you would like to add or say?

The creativity is the most important in art and in general and thank you for this interview.

As the membership starts tomorrow this competition will be active for less than 18 hours check the link below to enter

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$ 0.20 from @PVMihalache
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Written by   639
5 days ago
Topics: Interview, NFTs, WAX, Artist
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