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Meet the Artist Trick

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10 months ago
Topics: NFT, Nftartist, WAX, Trick, Artist

So today I got to interview Trick it was a pleasure if you dnt know the artist you proubly have seen his artwork on Atomic hub lets meet the artist

Name ?

Michael Trick is my name but go by Trick for the most part.

Where you from ?

Grew up just outside Dayton, Ohio but now live in Stella, MO.

What is your twitter acount as I will link in the article ?

Do you have your own telegram channel is so can you drop your link ?

420 Chronic Bear

So is this your full time job if not what is ?

This is full time for now. Due to the current circumstances of the world, I have been laid off from my work as a chicken farmer and currently draw unemployment to that regard.

I have done turkey pluking as a teen at christmas was fun .

Was raising up to 200000 chickens per flock. It got crazy but I enjoyed it.

I hope you didnt name them all.


So what made you get into nft design in the first place ?

@kennethbosak & @cryptostache would probably be the main inspirations into the me creating NFTs.

I take it thats there telegram names .

Do you have any crypto currenecy ? If so what you ? Any tips on coins?

I am all in on cryptocurrency. As soon as I receive any type of crap fiat. It goes into crypto. My bag are nxs, btc, ltc, redd, pot, mota, dgb, and a few others. I've been in crypto for about 6 years now. Nexus $nxs is probably the most promising under the radar coin in my bags for sure.

Have you alway been artistic ?

Yes. I've been smoking and sketching these little guys off mine for years. Almost as a personal therapy until recently.

They are class love them .

How long have you been designing nft ?

I've been at the NFT thing for about 2 months.

Why do you design nfts the way you do ? And I guess your 420 fan ?

For nostalgia and the love of the smoke. 420 always, all years.

Whats your favourite nft you have designed ? Can i have a pic of it ?

So far this is my favorite NFT designed by myself.

How many collections or cards have you made ?

A few different collections. Kinda trying to find my way. fourtwentycb is my baby though.

What was the first card you designed ?

One from my seedcard website. Cryptoseedcard.coM this is the one that popped the cherry.

Whats your most valueable nft you have ? Can i have a picture ?

I would say one of my favorites and most valuable.

What hobbies you have ?

I enjoy to travel alot. The wife and I go out in theold 81' RV as much as we can. Just got back from Flote Fest 2 days ago. Headed to Austin, TX for Nexus Conv. 14th & 15th of April and 4/20 in Maine for a MotaCoin event.

What you do for fun ?

Same as above other than smoking too😁

Quite jealous still illegal here but you still get it lol

MedCard lol.

Where can we find your cards for sale ?

Atomic Hub Marketplace:

Any calelabs coming up or are you open to one ?

Always willing to work with people. I love seeing people put their own style to my work and love 'at least trying' to do the same to others.

So any chance of a small airdrop for people reading this ?

Have them join my telegram group and I'll give them something special. Good with that?

Just 2 question left for you is there else people can keep up todate with your and finally this is for an article that will be be put on do you use it ?

Just installed. @trick is username.

Give a follow .

Is there anything you want to add il happy put it in ..

"If we all had a bong. We'd all get along"

Just a quick update since I chatted to him earlier

Just found out my drop of 'StachE' Bear will be live on @qvnfts at 4:20pm cst today too. In about 35 mins. It's a new thing @Kennethbosak is trying to get rolling. Maybe check it out as well

Right guys you the story if you like what you see and read give hima like on twitter find him on atomic and join his telegram channel

Guys if you like what I wrote give it an uplike or even a follow .

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Written by   503
10 months ago
Topics: NFT, Nftartist, WAX, Trick, Artist
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Love it! I have some of his NFTs and hope to claim more. Yay!

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10 months ago

Another great one! ❤

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10 months ago

Cheers mate glad you enjoyed it

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10 months ago

He's cool, I will visit his telegram then.

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10 months ago

Do quick

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10 months ago

Cool interview! I already joined on the telegram!

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10 months ago

Lovely guy

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10 months ago

Nice! I'll head to his telegram 😁 but what's his telegram?

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10 months ago

Do say you read the article

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10 months ago

Found it just now 😆

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10 months ago

I re read 😑 the one showing is ZBcats

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10 months ago

Great guy! Great article!

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10 months ago

Drop into his telegram

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10 months ago