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Meet the artist the team behind Pixel Labs

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1 week ago
Topics: WAX, Nft artist, NFTs

So this one came about by being in a friends telegram chat last night he was showing off some new NFT's he had gotten of a new member in the channel so I thought I would see if he would enlighten us on his NFT's so he graceful accepted so lets meet him by the way Pixel Lab is a team

So what's your artist name ?

hmmm. I don't have one ... should I think of one?

Well if you don't have one that's ok

Yeah just call me Todd 😊😊😊

That's no problem and does your team have a name ?

Pixel Labs :) that's what we're going as

So what is the idea behind the project ?

it all started with Paulie the Penguin being "trapped" on the blockchain - and we're introducing new animals as well, to help find him I guess but yeah, the idea behind the project was to introduce a bunch of animated animals to the blockchain and i think the final release will be when they all come together and "find each other" so right now they're all just "trapped" on an adventure all doing different scenarios this was all just a learning process for me

Right so lets start from the start where you and your team from ?

we are from California

How many are on the team ?

There is 4 of us in the team that's why each animal was a different style Oh, we tried launching on the Ethereum blockchain via Opensea, but the gas prices were way too high .

I know even moving coins on ETH is hard as high gas fees

yeah, it's literally like $60 - $150 gas, depending on the time of day, and I didn't think that was right

we just wanted people to be able to collect the NFT's for a reasonable price

Ok cool and are they all invested in this project or do they have side projects?

no, this is a side project for them everyone else has other jobs it's more of a learning experience for everyone

Dnt worry I am not far behind you I create meet the artists because I think not all artists are getting equal promotion

yeah there are a ton of great NFT pieces out there , buried in the depths of the blockchain

I know and I hoping that promoting artist will help them

yeah, i think what you're doing is great!

Thank you

I'm always interested to hear how people find out about NFTs and artists that's how I ended up in the telegram channel. I saw @SillyPsyBen buy one, went to his wallet, and saw the telegram link when I asked ben how he found me, he said he found the art in someone elses' wallet ... so it's like a snowball affect

That's how I found you he was flashing your NFT's in his telegram chat and I asked who it was and I tired to find you on twitter then you turned up in his chat Ben is a legend he was one of the first guys I interviewed

Yeah he seems like a great guy. I'm reading thru your interviews now

So I am trying to make my interviews better each time

yeah they look really good. I'm impressed

Thanks 😍😍😍 I know so you have a lot of love for the community


I think it's great when artists support artists, that is why we moved to WAX - because we can transfer the NFTs around, without having to pay $60-$150 each time

and I can gift/trade them with other artists

I think people will like that !!!!!!

So this isn't a full time job yet ?

I do website design and marketing full time the other guys are mostly students and younger

What got you into NFT world ?

I've always been interested in crypto and when NFT's came out I just wanted to get in and learn

What is the teams twitter page ?

Give these guys a follow well worth it .

So how many sets or collections you plan to launch on this story line ?

we'll probably introduce 10 - 20 animals in the hunt for paulie

So what will be the long term ending ?

The end goal is to re-unite them all in a special edition NFT/collection

So you are the face of this project ?

yeah this was "my project" - i pay them to make the art for me

How long has been in the planning ?

Probably 6 weeks ago is when we started the animations

So have you set up a website or a telegram channel yet ?

no, not yet. that's in the works

Well I think you will need

This was mostly just a learning experience for us, I don't really care if it makes any money I just like to be engaged in new technology

I know but I think a telegram helps to chat to the community that's I how I came across you lol

you do bring up a good point 😜😜😜😜

i think we'll get there. I'm a full time dad , 2 kids , so my life is generally pretty busy I have other things to focus on right now, but this is a great side project

Makes u feel better I have my 4 year old watching Netflix and my 4 month old on my lap drinking a bottle

haha. 8 and 5 here buddy I remember those days though

So can I ask why pixel art ?

well, based on my age, you can probably tell I grew up in the Nintendo 8 bit era I've always been a fan of pixel animations and old school gaming my first gaming system was a commodore 64

Ha ha same as myself lol I was a Sega kid only got a SNES when I was 14 to play Mario worlds and Mario kart

followed by an Atari then Nintendo original Sega was great too

This keeps coming up but I still have a SNES

I have a raspberry pi now, loaded with retropi , but my kids love it too

oh, and I have a new project in the works too, it won't be under pixellabs , but I'll contact you when it's launched. I think you'll like it

Please do or I am sure ben will !!!!!

So who is your favorite artist ?

Oh, I'm a big Beeple fan, unfortunately his work is too rich for my blood but I moved over to WAX because of the GPK I collected garbage pails in real life in the 80'sso again, a bit of nostalgia

Ha ha what would be your favorite NFT you own ?

This is embarrassing, but I don't own too many yet I bought a few packs of street fighter, Godzilla and GPK but that's about it I just wanted to see how the process worked

Ah but you must have a favorite do ?

let me look real quick

Ha ha ha love it

I really liked the GPK gamestonk collection so I bought a few of those

I kinda of missed the boat on that

But I was also in the GME/AMC trades and I think that is a perfect card

What one would be your favorite that your team has made ?

I like the #50 - "My First Ciggie" - Paulie the Penguin

let me link it


we wanted to give Paulie a little bit of "life experience" but didn't want to have him doing hardcore drugs or anything hahaha so we decided a cigarette was best

Yea I get you

Have to say I love this one of yours swag shark

So does your kids like your NFT's?

Yeah he'll see my photoshop up and wonder what the heck I'm doing

Is there a story behind it your first NFT or came off the top of your head ?

Not really haha I wanted to make a "Crypto Penguin" and at some point we just started adding other animals, so I figured I'd try to create a story to tie them all together

Sounds good so will it just be one big collection or different set leading up to crypto penguin

it's all one big collection under Pixel Labs where Paulie the Penguin was the first character trapped on the blockchain it's all right here -

So each collection be under a different name

Right now there are different "schemas" so each schema is a different animal we have Stanley the Shark // Polar Bear Pat // Tessie the Turtle // Micah the Meerkat and of course the Paulie the Penguin

What made you get into NFT design in the first place ?

I mostly wanted to learn what NFTs were, and I figured the best way to learn was to design my own.

Do you have any crypto currency ? If so what you ?

Yes. I've been a HODLer of $DOGE since 2013. I also HODL $BTC/$ETH/$LTC and now $WAXP

Have you always been artistic ?

Digitally, I'd say yes. IRL, not really 😜😜😜😜

What your favorite software for designing NFT ?

I use Photoshop for just about everything. I learned it at a young age so I feel comfortable working with it.

What advice do you have for people trying to get into NFT ?

Great question. I know a lot of investors are flocking to the space to try and make a quick buck. I'd suggest NOT doing that. If you want to get in to NFTs, do it for the love of the art, do it for the love of new technology, but don't try and get rich quick. It will most likely lead to disappointment.

What hobbies do you ?What you do for fun ?

Surfing, Golfing, Hockey, Sim Racing

Do you have set animals you want to make and would you expand ?

I do want to introduce at least 5 - 10 more animals and re-unite them all , kind of like Noah's ark😜😜😜😜

and the final release will be more rare than the rest

like a mural !!!!!!!!!!!!

So any chance of a small airdrop for people reading this ?

So give me a follow @cryptopenguin10 on twitter and tag me and @crackers832 on there and retweet the article and drop your WAX address in a comment . I'll try and hook a few people up :)

Where can we find your cards for sale ?

Currently on Atomic Hub -

Just a few more question left for you is there else people can keep up to date with your and finally this is for an article that will be be put on do you use it ?

Right now CryptoPenguin10 on twitter is the best way to get in touch with me. We will soon be adding a website for Pixel Labs so stay tuned.

No, I have never heard of until today. I will certainly check it out!

Sorry I never brought up Collab's are you open to them

Probably not at the moment, due to time constraints, but definitely in the future.

That makes sense as you have a map set out for this collection

not quite

I think should go for the honey badger as they just dnt give a fuck lol

OOOO good call

haha love that video

Ha ha ha you know it 😍😍😍😍

Well maybe a competition on the next animal to drop and any hints of up coming animals or they secret

they aren't secret no, I just haven't had time to think of them yet 😜😜😜


So when is the next NFT being released

pixel labs probably next week. the other stuff is undecided. still waiting on some art and figuring out a game plan

Right guys this has been a pleasure as always please show Todd and his team some love by buying there great NFT's and following his twitter and if you want a chance to get a free drop off him don't forget to follow the drop instructions

Till next time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Written by Β Β 113
1 week ago
Topics: WAX, Nft artist, NFTs
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Because of the pexilized NFTs, I got inspired to create mine. Lol. My first one was the I Love NFT, but I did another one and guess what, it was a ducky. Lol.

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Ill gonna give him a follow πŸ˜‰

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Great to be added on my collection

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1 week ago

Another great NFT artist 😍😍

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1 week ago

Thanks team "Todd" lol doge guy since 2013, I was around in the doge community around that time too, good times. Personally I hate what doge has become though now. Cheers cracker for yet another excellent article πŸ‘

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1 week ago

No probs mate

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Thanks some great nfts he has

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